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How Widespread Is False, Leftist Curriculum In Schools?

Jill Simonian

Schools are trying to create “activists through empathy.” Here’s how one mom is fighting back against the indoctrination in the classroom.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, PragerU’s Jill Simonian joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss the organization’s new PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents program that reinforces the character-building and American values that public schools do not teach.

“The left is freaking out…they’re freaking out over a mom, who happens to be me, sitting in an orange chair with socks on crisscross applesauce, reading a book with a stuffed animal puppy dog next to her, talking about how wonderful it is to know that truth will prevail, that honesty is important, that hard work will yield success, that we are all created equal under God,” Simonian said. “Literally, these are the things that we’re discussing in these videos and the left is freaking out.”

Many schools in the U.S., Simonian said, are trying to create “activists through empathy” by incorporating critical race theory and other indoctrinating ideologies into their curriculum in disturbing ways but it’s up to parents and educators to teach children not to hate their country.

“Our children deserve to love America,” Simonian said. “We love America. We know it’s got problems. We’re not trying to pretend that nothing bad has ever happened here. We do believe in recognizing that and learning that but not through a lens of ‘you’re an oppressor, you’re a victim, you should feel guilty’ now for something that happened 200 years ago and we’ve since resolved and work forward.”

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