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Jashinsky: Corrupt Corporate Media Treat Their Audience As ‘Sheeple Who Must Take Instruction From Us’

Emily Jashinsky

“This is a great glimpse into what CNN thinks of their viewers,” Jashinsky said of Brian Stelter’s monologue about the importance of media vaccine selfies.


Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky joined Fox News host Greg Gutfield on Monday evening to discuss the state of media in America, among other topics.

Jashinsky commented on a recent monologue by CNN’s Brian Stelter in which he complained Fox News hosts were not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, noting a “juxtaposition” with the fake Chris Cuomo basement emergence video as representative of how the media sees its viewers as “sheeple.”

“The juxtaposition of the Cuomo resurrection from his Hamptons basement is really perfect with this because he’s saying it’s important for everyone to show off their vaccines, but his own network, like, that was a faked resurrection,” Jashinsky said.

Jashinsky noted that both situations are a representation of the way in which CNN thinks of itself as the arbiter of truth and its audience as subservient.

“This is a great glimpse into what CNN thinks of their viewers. Who is the person who is scrolling through their phone, sees a selfie of Wolf Blitzer getting the vaccine, and is like, ‘Oh, I guess it’s safe! I must get this vaccine’” Jashinsky said. “It’s not a demographic that exists, but they think of you people — and these sort of legacy media journalists think of their audience as sheeple who must take instruction from us.”