Tales From The Frontlines Of The Woke Revolution

Tales From The Frontlines Of The Woke Revolution

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, DePaul Professor Jason Hill joins Federalist Intern Evita Duffy to discuss the hostility towards free speech and expression in academia, and how to navigate higher education when facing backlash and silencing.

“The merging of the radicalism of what was forged in the crucibles of the late 1960s…the goal of those movements that were Marxist and oriented was the cancellation and the abolition of Western civilization and the chickens have come home to roost,” Hill said.

Those movements were driven by a complete hatred of America, hatred of capitalism, hatred of achievement. They were, what I call, systemic nihilistic groups. We are seeing the result of that today in the form of cancel culture and the abolition of complete Western civilization, everything that our civilization has stood for. This is a terminal endpoint that we’re seeing.”

Teaching multiple viewpoints is good, according, to Hill, but shutting down the flow of ideas and professors’ or students’ abilities to speak their minds is not.

“There’s no sin in teaching a multiplicity of ideas left-wing and right-wing,” Hill said. “But when you criminalize reason when you criminalize logic, and when you penalize your students for offering rejoinders, then there is something very nefarious and evil because the learning process has stopped and you’re using your classroom as an indoctrination center…we must become more vigilant and become watchdogs.”

Listen here:

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