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DNC Organizers Tried To Shed The Party’s ‘Coastal Elites’ Reputation But Couldn’t

Coastal elites at the DNC, Biden

Democrats failed to shed their “coastal elites” reputation after they realized many featured DNC speakers would be broadcasting from the same summer vacation spot.


Organizers of the 2020 Democratic National Convention reportedly attempted to shed their party’s reputation of consisting of mostly “coastal elites” but failed after they realized many of those featured in the virtual convention would be broadcasting from the same popular summer vacation spot in Massachusetts.

In a Washington Post review of a new book by two corporate media journalists about President Joe Biden’s “lucky” journey to getting elected, the critic explains there were many behind-the-scenes decisions “revealing vital negotiations or highlighting simple truths that parties and campaigns would rather obfuscate,” including the Democrats’ awareness about how they are often perceived by the public.

“There are memorable and telling insider moments in ‘Lucky,’” the critic wrote. “For example, planners of the Democratic Party’s virtual convention thought about featuring a national map that would highlight the locations of various speakers, thus countering the notion that the party was a club for coastal elites — only to can the idea when they realized multiple speakers would be broadcasting from Martha’s Vineyard.”

Democratic leaders are often criticized as being detached from voters in the United States, using their ties with the corporate media, big corporations and Wall Street, and leftist Hollywood to accomplish political goals and use them for agenda-setting. This same detachedness was especially prevalent during the COVID-19 lockdowns when many elected officials used their power to attend in-person dinners and take out-of-city or state vacations against their own virus mitigation guidance and still received their paychecks while millions of Americans struggled to make ends meet.