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What Impeachment Showed About The Left’s Four Years Of Insatiable Thirst For Power

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Impeachment proved the left wishes to force their agenda no matter what, even if it means falsifying a few videos or a few tweets in the U.S. Senate.


Just about a year ago, on Feb. 5, 2020, the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump. This came after months and months of a clear leftist thirst for power, which would conclude with only further hatred for the man they compulsively despise.

Of course, it would not be the end of impeachment. No way. The Democrats were beyond eager to nail Trump in any way possible since he defied the establishment in 2016 and said to hell with political correctness. The left had to make one final statement on Trump’s way out before their sacred Joe Biden took office. Political theater with falsified evidence proved to be their preferred methodology. This second charade would only lead to Trump’s acquittal last week.

The last four years have been revealing. The American people witnessed a Democratic Party intent on disavowing one-half of the entire country and labeling them as racist, bigoted, evil white supremacists. This sort of extreme alienation could have been foreseen, as the left was shaken like never before when they learned on election night that Americans did not admire career politician Hillary Clinton in the same fashion the ruling class did.

Trump’s second acquittal crept up so quickly that there has been little time to adequately deconstruct just what this means for our country, and what it tells about the left’s endless quench for perverse domination of the entire system. Within this time span, a boatload of things happened in our country, and everything got whitewashed and strewn together. Every day has been an endless news cycle, blurring into a mind-dulling white noise of hypocrisy.

Impeachment 2.0 was the culmination of the disdain the Democrats had, and continue to have, for Republicans all across this nation. As Ben Shapiro phrased it in November 2020, “They don’t hate you because they hate Trump. They hate Trump because they hate you.”

The rise of Trump was a reaction that would only conceivably lead to The Democrats losing their minds. They had ridden the ship for eight years with their darling President Barack Obama, and the media fawned to no end. If you turned on the clicker from 2009 to 2017, you would have never conceived that America was not the ideological homogenous place we had been led to believe, that not all Americans were jubilant about a disavowal of Israeli allies, a cushy relationship with Iran, government-funded health care, and the flooding of the U.S. borders.

This second impeachment confirms what we already knew about the left, but it is the necessary wrapping-up to the four-year Trump experience for Republicans in America. If the GOP learned anything after another failed impeachment, it is that the Democrats have an unthinkable quench for an absolute monopoly of our lives. They wish to cram down their agenda no matter what, and if this means falsifying a few videos or a few tweets in the U.S. Senate, so be it.

If it means turning a blind eye to months of Antifa riots and then acting like one day at the Capitol is incomparably horrific, fine. If it means using Big Tech institutions to shove Communist-like speech codes on everyday Americans, fine. If it means putting America through show trials fit for a banana republic while occupying the capital with the militia for months, that’s suitable. If it means calling for unity only when in power, but publicly claiming to want to kill the president when in the minority, it’s no problem. And if it means spending four years disenfranchising Trump voters, even better. It’s all a game to them.

The left was willing to do whatever they could, however they could do it, to return America to what Federalist publisher Ben Domenech refers to as “The Old Order.” The Old Order is certainly back, and it is thriving. But now that we are past the nonsensical smoke-filled room of impeachment 2.0, it’s time to get on the offensive already.