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Sean Davis: The More The Left Throttles Speech, The More They Foment Violence

Sean Davis

Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis warned Thursday the escalating movement on the left to control and suppress speech will only lead to violence.


Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis warned on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Thursday that the escalating movement on the left to control and suppress speech will only lead to the violence they claim to oppose.

“Speech is the pressure-release valve that we have as a society,” Davis said, condemning efforts by leftists and their allies in legacy media to deplatform Carlson. “When people can argue things, when people can talk, they can avoid taking other measures, and the more they throttle speech, the more they are bringing about the violence which they swear they oppose.”

Taking down Fox News has remained a top item on the left’s agenda for years, rising to new heights in recent months as the network airs what have routinely been the highest-rated prime time programs in cable television. Earlier this month, CNN’s Brian Stelter called on his lefty friends who rule the online public square to limit his competitors’ reach.

Carlson, a titan of cable television hosting his network’s top program on the prime-time lineup, has remained a target in particular. This week, a left-wing activist group demanded Fox News advertisers pull their business from the network for Carlson accurately reporting unpopular news surrounding George Floyd’s death last year. Months of riots erupted in repeated outbursts last year in the aftermath of Floyd’s passing. Carlson reported on court documents showing Floyd was under the influence of a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl when he died, which could have killed him independent of police involvement.

The left spent the rest of 2020 seeking to play down or justify the destruction, because they came in the politically favorable cause of social justice. In aftermath of a horde of Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol, however, the left has capitalized on the episode to accelerate a purge.

“They want to control what you say and they want to control what you think,” Davis said. “They do that, because they think they should have total control over everything.”