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Breaking News Alert Republicans Say Biden 'Not Fit To Serve,' Needs To Step Down

Biden Orders Nationwide Cover-Up Of Differences Between Men And Women In Orwellian Crusade For ‘Equality’


As he promised while campaigning, on his first day in office Joe Biden issued an executive order requiring every institution that receives federal funding to put biological males on women’s sports teams, in their locker rooms, on overnight trips, and more — and the same for injecting women into private male spaces. The executive order demands that all federally funded institutions affirm people’s gender dysphoria rather than treat it and to help inflict their psychological distress on other vulnerable people.

The order is a spit in the face to the so-called “suburban women” vote, which is girl-power-oriented. Many female voters will see this as one of the things it is: the erasure of talent development and recognition of achievements for those with XX chromosomes.

The executive order undoes the Trump administration’s allowance of federally funded institutions to recognize human sex differences, overturning an Obama-era executive order. In its last months in office, the Obama administration had required, on pain of federal prosecution, all public schools and higher education institutions to reinforce any students’ gender dysphoria, at the expense of the emotional and physical well-being of all other students. The Biden administration is threatening these institutions also with the loss of their federal funds and applying these principles to every aspect of federal law and policy, from health care to employment to housing and education.

On the same day his inaugural speech demanded the need for “leaders” who “defend the truth and defeat the lies,” Biden signed an executive order claiming to provide “equality” while enacting discrimination against all who aren’t transgender and who recognize the reality of the two human sexes. While denying “respect and dignity” to the boys and girls whom this order will force to shower next to people of the opposite sex and compete against them in sports, the order cynically proclaims:

Every person should be treated with respect and dignity and should be able to live without fear, no matter who they are or whom they love. Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.

Dignity is letting males see naked females. Respect is telling girls their accomplishments will never be as good as a man’s. Up is down. Male is female. Science is science.

Several years ago, a mother told me what her daughters did when transgender students were admitted to their bathrooms in their Las Vegas public high school. They stopped going to the bathroom and using the showers at school. I broke a story about a Florida public school where a coach told me middle-school boys ran out of the showers and locker room, some undressed, in alarm because they found a girl there next to them while they changed and showered. She was transgender, and the coach was threatened with losing his job if he refused to supervise her with the boys in the showers.

Nobody warned the coach or parents of these boys this was going to happen to them. In fact, the Obama administration’s guidance that Biden is reviving explicitly instructed schools not to tell parents. It violates the transgender students’ rights to privacy, you see.

Girls and boys like these, and those too young or unprepared to take action to defend their modesty and innocence, are now to be told to shut up and deny the fears other people have decided to inflict upon them in the name of “equality,” “respect,” and “dignity.” In true Orwellian fashion, Biden proclaims he is seeking goodness while destroying it.

He has had ample help from Republicans and so-called conservatives in this pursuit. The order quotes the Bostock Supreme Court decision, authored by Justice Neil Gorsuch, that insanely decided the word “sex” actually means “gender identity.” This allowed all federal laws against sex discrimination to be Trojan Horsed into laws demanding transgendering every institution to which they apply.

Again, while defecating on the Constitution and the concept of equal protection, Biden claims his executive order upholds it:

These principles are reflected in the Constitution, which promises equal protection of the laws.  These principles are also enshrined in our Nation’s anti-discrimination laws, among them Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq.). In Bostock v. Clayton County, 590 U.S. ___ (2020), the Supreme Court held that Title VII’s prohibition on discrimination ‘because of . . . sex’ covers discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Under Bostock‘s reasoning, laws that prohibit sex discrimination — including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as amended (20 U.S.C. 1681 et seq.), the Fair Housing Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 3601 et seq.), and section 412 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (8 U.S.C. 1522), along with their respective implementing regulations — prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation, so long as the laws do not contain sufficient indications to the contrary.

In sum, this executive order combined with Supreme Court precedent amounts to imposing a national sexual orientation and gender identity law on the entire country. As the Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit legal organization focused on First Amendment freedoms, put it in a statement responding to Biden’s order:

Under a similar policy ADF is challenging in Connecticut, two males identifying as girls have taken 15 women’s state championship titles, depriving numerous female athletes of medals, advancement opportunities, and fair competition. … Where similar policies have already been enacted through state or local laws, they’ve also repeatedly been used to force Americans to celebrate events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs.

Biden’s order uses sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) language throughout: “It is the policy of my Administration to prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation, and to fully enforce Title VII and other laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. It is also the policy of my Administration to address overlapping forms of discrimination.”

These kinds of policies have been used to persecute religious believers, free speech advocates, medical practitioners, and all who affirm the reality that humankind comes in two varieties, and two only: male and female. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led Democrats in making House rules that ban the use of terms such as “mother,” “father,” “sister,” and “brother” in new federal laws. Will these kinds of speech bans also be applied to public schools, colleges, and other recipients of federal funds? What about cities and state governments? Hospitals?

You’d better believe it. Federal money is everywhere, giving Biden’s team, commissioned in the order with applying its principles to every area of federal influence possible, plenty of opportunities to harass nuns, other people who pray, little boys and girls in locker rooms, female high school and college athletes and scholarship aspirants — anyone anywhere who dares to live by the obvious reality that men and women are absolutely equal but we are not the same.

There will be backlash. But there will also be many innocent casualties of this cynical war on women, war on men, and war on reality itself. Will you give Caesar his pinch of incense and actively or passively affirm what you know to be a lie?