Katy French Talento
Katy French Talento
Katy French Talento

Katy Talento is an infectious disease epidemiologist, former special assistant to the president for health policy, and a health care consultant.

Here’s How To Prepare If The Coronavirus Comes To A Quarantine

The U.S. government is taking wise measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. But, as the saying goes, we should pray like it all depends on God and prepare like it all depends on us.

It’s Not A Free Market When Consumers Are Addicts. That Goes For Big Vape, Too

Until recently, I was the White House public health policy advisor to President Trump, hearing Juul’s grandiose claims of being a global white-hat on a mission to save the world from Big Tobacco.

12 Tips To Stave Off The Zika Apocalypse

The mosquito-transmitted Zika virus is not inside the United States yet, but given its consequences for babies, pregnant women in the South would do well to prepare.

Miscarriage Of Justice: Is Big Pharma Breaking Your Uterus?

Ladies, it’s time you knew what your doctor isn’t telling you. Chemical birth control can have terrible side effects, including miscarriage.

Ladies: Is Birth Control The Mother Of All Medical Malpractice?

In the case of no disease, prescribing chemicals with side effects and long-term health risks would be considered inexcusable by any medical standard. Except if it’s birth control.