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Most Beautiful First Lady Ever Departs For Four-Year Vacation In Florida

first lady Melania Trump

While Melania has endured years of fashion criticism from the corporate media, she has wowed the crowd with her timeless attire and graceful demeanor.


First Lady Melania Trump accompanied outgoing President Donald Trump as they departed on Marine One from the White House and, subsequently, Air Force One from Joint Base Andrews in Washington, D.C., to Florida on Wednesday morning.

Melania wore a classy black blouse with a line of buttons accenting the side, paired with a long ebony skirt and her classic Louis Vuitton heels. She also donned a pair of boxy shades, removing them to address the excited crowd waiting and watching as the 45th president prepared to leave.

“Being your first lady was my greatest honor,” she told the cheering crowd. “Thank you for your love and your support. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all, God bless your families, and God bless this beautiful nation.”

Shortly after her speech, the first lady glided across the tarmac with Trump, pausing occasionally to clap and wave at the crowd as “YMCA” played in the background. When the presidential pair reached the top of the Air Force One steps, she turned and stood by Trump’s side as they waved their final goodbyes before their journey to Florida.

While Melania has endured years of fashion criticism and has suffered comparisons to former First Lady Michelle Obama by the corporate media, she has a history of wowing the crowd with her timeless attire and graceful demeanor. Whether it was her long, patterned coats, brightly-colored dresses and heels, sporty safari outfit, or gorgeous inauguration gown in 2016, the first lady left a long and distinctive fashion legacy from her time in the White House.