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After Unity Speech, Biden Plans To Immediately Reinstate Taxpayer Funding For Abortions Here And Abroad

abortions policy from Joe Biden

“This is just the beginning,” said incoming press secretary Jen Psaki, saying the policy changes could occur as soon as within the next 10 days.


As President Joe Biden rushes to undo the Trump administration’s policies, pro-abortion changes are taking priority.

One of the first directives Biden and his team plans to examine and reverse is the Mexico City policy, originally implemented by Ronald Reagan and reinstated by President Donald Trump. The current policy bans U.S. foreign aid from being directed to organizations that perform abortions, but under the Democrats’ executive control and with the support of Planned Parenthood, the policy will be undone.

Planned Parenthood President and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson told NBC News that the new access to executive power is “tremendously exciting” and hailed the Biden administration as “champions … who understand what needs to happen in the first 100 days.”

In a similar move, Biden also promised to reinstate federal funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which offers resources to women and young girls around the world to obtain abortions, after Trump cut the United States’ flow of resources to the program in 2017.

The encouragement from the largest baby-killing organization in the nation aligns well with the Biden team’s abortion agenda, which also includes plans to “restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood” by removing Trump’s blocks on facilities in the Title X program from referring individuals to providers who perform abortions or from performing abortions themselves.

Another item on the executive’s pro-abortion agenda is to address the Hyde Amendment, which currently prevents taxpayer dollars from funding abortions except if the mother’s life is in danger, she was raped, or there was incest.

In 2019, Biden’s campaign said he supported the Hyde Amendment. Shortly after receiving criticism from the left for his position, the campaign changed his agenda to oppose the policy, a switch that was criticized by Biden’s now-Vice President Kamala Harris as purely political.

Despite his previous support for the amendment, Biden has pledged to terminate the policy, which, in 2016, was still supported by 57 percent of voters, an undertaking that requires the support of his fully blue Congress.

Despite Republicans’ objections, these changes, new White House officials say, will remove what they label are “harmful” and “inhumane” policies that prevent people access to kill unborn babies in the womb.

“There’s much more to come. This is just the beginning,” said incoming press secretary Jen Psaki, saying the policy changes could occur as soon as within the next 10 days.