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Is The United States Too Big To Save?


“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

Never has there been a non-divine cadence more beautiful to the human ear. But some 200 years later, a death-knell to our great country seems to be sounding its deafening toll instead.

With 2020 punctuating the generations-long decline of our republic, one must ponder if America is too big to save. Are Americans too weak, too soft, too ignorant, too indoctrinated, and too compliant to seek her restoration?

Is there any hope for a country when political machines control large swaths of voters? When politicians can become so inoculated from the consequences of their actions that they can ignore the plight of suffering Americans for months, only to then insult the struggling populace with a COVID spending bill so filled with pork and foreign spending that it diverts more tax dollars to non-pandemic spending than to family pocketbooks?

Can a country survive when it funds a sprawling federal bureaucracy so large decisions are detached from the needs of everyday Americans? When self-interest governs decisions and politicians become profiteers, when public service serves only to swell the offshore accounts of government officials and their families? Is reform possible when the bureaucrats rule and a revolving door of political appointees exits with one administration, only to return with the next, proclaiming to know more, know better, and not care what Americans want or need?

Can a country survive a federal bureaucracy so sprawling, so corrupt (or so indifferent) that 19 months proved insufficient for the seasoned U.S. Attorney (now Special Counsel) John Durham to untangle the players and the plot that targeted Donald Trump?

Will that half of America that sent Trump to drain the swamp care anymore after believing themselves disenfranchised in 2020 with illegal and fraudulent votes counted in battleground states? Will any American even believe his vote matters when fraud is written off as too small, or when time is too short and courts are too political to investigate and address the irregularities?

With a corporate media so large and so biased that it can silence these stories and more, can the tide turn? When our country’s free press proves more manipulative than the state-run media of authoritarian regimes, can our country be saved? Can truth prevail when all-powerful social media outlets control what voices and what news deserve to be heard?

When “two weeks to flatten the curve” turns the corner on a year, will the little people be big enough to say “Enough”? Or will the populace bend further? Will the tyrants who closed aisles, stores, and schools under the COVID banner find the flu, or global warming, or social justice equivalent emergencies? Will an America that bent the knee ever stand again?

Can a republic survive when unions are larger and stronger than the parents of the pupils left awash as educational nomads? Can a republic survive when those same children learn not to love our country but to hate it?

Can our citizens withstand a wokeness so widespread that it threatens to destroy the livelihoods and lives of those who dare to speak the truth? When law and order is branded racist and riots and violence are tolerated, is a rebound possible?

When calls for unity translate to demands for acquiescence and an abandonment of those classical liberal values on which our country was founded, society will splinter. As society splinters, foreign interference will escalate further—even though the mammoth media outlets ignore it—until a stranglehold leaves America a limp patch on the beauty our Founding Fathers devised.

Patriots have two choices: shelter with family and friends, living as free as permitted by our overlords, or join together to use every peaceful means to save our country. America is not too big to save, if We the People are big enough to try.

Where to start? Start small, or more precisely at the local level. Every single locally elected position should have a candidate dedicated to the preservation of our Constitution. If you can’t run, help recruit others who can. At a minimum, quiz candidates for public office on their positions.

Join with others to start a citizen-run local news outlet and cover local and statewide news. Attend and cover local meetings, including—and especially—local school board meetings. File public information requests to obtain information on curriculum and ensure our country is not defamed.

Pull your kids out of public schools if at all possible, while still monitoring, reporting, and demanding schools educate and not indoctrinate children. Parents who have no other options, speak out. Demand change and support those parents who do so. If good people stand tall and refuse to surrender their conscience and common sense, the silent majority will find its voice.

If We the People join together statewide, we can secure election integrity. Demand legislators and secretary of state candidates pledge to clean voting rolls, institute voter ID and signature verification requirements, establish tight controls over all ballots, dump computerized voting, and limit mail-in voting. Push for mandatory 24/7 livestream and video-recorded monitoring of every poll-counting place. And volunteer as poll watchers.

Demand candidates for federal office support election-integrity efforts as well. Then push for federal representatives and employees to disband from D.C. Power dispersed is power dissipated.

And pray. Our Founding Fathers did as they demanded a reclamation of the rights inherent in our nature, and so must we as we do the same.