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The Worst Corporate Media Performances of 2020

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Whether it was the NYT controversy over Tom Cotton’s op-ed or the Cuomo brothers’ comedy attempt on CNN, there were plenty of media blunders to go around.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, The Federalist staff give awards to the worst corporate media performances of 2020.

Whether it was the New York Times controversy over Sen. Tom Cotton’s summer opinion editorial, Chris and Andrew Cuomo’s tone-deaf attempt at a brotherly comedy session on CNN, or the Pulitzer Prize committee for awarding Nikole Hannah-Jones for the revisionist and historically inaccurate 1619 Project, there are and will continue to be plenty of media blunders to go around.

“We do this, not with the hope or with the expectation that the corporate press will improve in 2021,” Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky said. “We are under no illusions that that will be the case, it will not be. But we do it with the hope that an increasing number of people will recognize and understand the extent and level and size and scope of corruption that consumes the corporate press.”