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Domenech: John Brennan And Intel Officials Are Lying To Us And The Media Pays Them To Do It

‘I cannot believe we have reached a point where the media is willing to bend over backwards to these intel experts who have lied to them repeatedly,’ Domenech said.


On “Fox and Friends” Monday morning, The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said President Trump’s options are very limited in his fight to win the 2020 elections, but that doesn’t mean Trump has to pretend the election was entirely fair or conducted without interference from media and Big Tech.

There were substantial examples of worrisome election fraud that are going almost entirely unnoticed by the corporate media, Domenech argued.

“My real concern is that going forward we don’t have the mechanisms in place to look into this to find out what happened and to the degree that there was either fraud… [and how] we can prevent [it] in the future,” he said.



Domenech cited the “massive media and big tech conspiracy,” which flagged the infamous Hunter Biden scandal as “Russian disinformation.”

Biden’s son is suspected of money laundering in China and the Ukraine, with evidence that his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, was aware of it and may be compromised.

Domenech pointed out that when the New York Post broke the story, big tech was actively “banning people [and] suspending people for sharing this New York post story that has been if not fully verified, something that is clearly not Russian disinformation.” The scandal “certainly should have been something that the American people were allowed to know about and share in advance of this election,” but they were deceptively not.

Highlighting the dishonesty, Domenech explained how corporate media employs intelligence officials who “signed on to this ridiculous letter claiming that this was Russian misinformation without a scintilla of evidence.”

“John Brennan, Mike Mcfaul, and many other major media figures [are] paid tons of money by other cable news stations to go on and be experts,” he said.

“I cannot believe we have reached a point where the media is willing to bend over backwards to these intel experts who have lied to them repeatedly and pretend like what they are saying is true [in order] to serve a partisan narrative,” Domenech said.

When they “came out and said this is Russian misinformation, disinformation, implying it’s traitorous, they were lying to you,” Domenech said. “The next time they come to you with some kind of claim just as they did on Russian collusion … you should not believe them.”

“Frankly,” concluded Domenech, “I’m disgusted by it.”