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Where’s Hunter? His Corruption Is Allowed To Resurface Now That Joe Biden Is Assuming The White House

Hunter Biden re-emerged in the spotlight after releasing a statement through the Biden-Harris transition team he is under federal investigation. That was true before the election.


“Where’s Hunter, fat?” This question, which got anonymous conservative Twitter personality Comfortably Smug suspended from the platform, has come to define Silicon Valley’s approach to handling scandals surrounding their preferred presidential candidate. The question, mocking former Vice President Joe Biden for fat-shaming an Iowa voter for making accusations later shown to be true, is now more relevant than ever.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden re-emerged in the spotlight after the Biden-Harris transition team released a statement that the president-elect’s son is under investigation by the Justice Department for potential tax crimes.

“I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs,” Hunter admitted through his father’s transition team.

While the detail on Hunter’s taxes might be new, the existence of a federal investigation into the Biden family finances had already been reported just days before the November election. Big tech and big media just throttled it, and as with other big stories, the Biden team is just playing along as if corporate media gets to define reality.

On Oct. 29, Sinclair’s James Rosen revealed the FBI was still conducting an ongoing money-laundering investigation into Hunter Biden.

At the time, however, legacy media was maintaining a barricade against reporting the major news threatening to impede their candidate’s chances to land four years in the White House. It was the same media routinely dismissing the blockbuster reporting from the New York Post implicating Joe Biden in his son’s potentially criminal overseas business activity as Russian disinformation, contrary to statements from FBI, the Department of Justice, the director of national intelligence, and the Department of State.

What corporate coverage there was of the Biden bombshells — revealing the presidential candidate stood to rake in millions from Chinese communist leaders, lied repeatedly when denying conversations about his son’s business, and leveraged his high-powered position to benefit the family — almost immediately dropped off even as they became more important in light of his White House ascent.

Now legacy outlets that derided the biggest story of the entire campaign as Russian interference to excuse their activism are treating Wednesday’s statement from Biden as a brand-new story.

Before Wednesday, The New York Times hadn’t published a single news story containing the name “Hunter Biden” since the election, other than one article complaining that conservative media had given ink and air time to the scandal. Not much more attention was given to the president-elect’s son by the Washington Post or CNN. Several stories will come up featuring December dates, when the admission from the Biden team forced the newsrooms that protected the Democratic ticket from journalism to actually report on the investigation, but it would be unwise to finally expect fair coverage.

In their homepage story on Wednesday’s statement from Hunter Biden, CNN omitted any mention of family business partner-turned whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who in October claimed these business deals through Hunter have compromised Joe Biden with communist China.

Neither did The New York Times in theirs.

Outlets that relied on anonymous sources for years to promote their Russiagate hoax built on the Democrat Party-funded junk Steele opposition research will likely defend their decision to neglect Bobulinski in their reporting by claiming Bobulinski was not credible. One can easily imagine how credible Bobulinski would suddenly appear to them if he began defaming the outgoing president. After all, former CIA Director John Brennan still gets a platform despite his decades of proven lies.

Before Biden cements his grip on power, however, Attorney General William Barr ought to put a special counsel in place to ensure the wide-ranging charges of corruption are properly investigated absent more Democratic disruption.

As of this writing, no one knows where Hunter is.