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Hemingway: Big Tech, Big Media Conspired To Hide Biden Corruption From Voters

The information suppression, Mollie Hemingway noted, was purely political and directly connected to boosting Joe Biden in the presidential election.


The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway says big tech and mainstream media conspired to shield voters from Joe Biden’s family corruption.

“Nobody meddled in the 2020 election like a big media and big tech, and both of those things you saw with the Hunter Biden story,” Hemingway told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Wednesday.

While the media and the Biden-Harris transition team admitted on Wednesday that Biden’s son Hunter is under ongoing tax investigation by the Justice Department, Hemingway said it is far past time.

“Yes, today, Hunter Biden himself says ‘it’s okay to cover this, it’s true, I’m under investigation’, but we actually knew that back in October and we knew that not just because it was reported that he was under investigation but we had that laptop,” Hemingway said. “We had the New York Post’s stories going into this. We had an eyewitness, somebody who was involved in the Biden family business saying there was what looked like a money laundering situation and at no point did anyone in the media cover it.”

“He said himself he was interviewed by the FBI,” Hemingway noted. “We knew that was happening. For people to pretend like this is brand-new news — it’s not. They just went out of their way to suppress it on October 29th when it broke and it’s really disgusting what we’ve seen the media do.”

The suppression, Hemingway noted, was purely political and directly connected to boosting Biden in the presidential election.

“[The media] were intentionally suppressing it because they didn’t want any negative information to come out about their candidates, knowing that would hurt his election chances,” Hemingway continued. “In addition to that, big tech willfully suppressed the story. Remember, Facebook said ‘We are not going to let anyone talk about this.’ Twitter banned links to stories about it. It’s so terrifying to think in this country we could have such a corrupt media and such censorship from big tech.”

“Negative information would have suppressed the vote and they couldn’t afford that because they were willing to do anything it took to get their man elected,” she added.

While the DOJ and FBI have reasons to keep certain information private unless, Hemingway noted, they wanted to leak collusion conspiracy theories peddled by the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign, the media has no excuses for why it didn’t cover Hunter Biden’s corruption until now.

“I actually think it is appropriate for the Department of Justice and FBI to remain mum about this, but that is totally different than the media suppressing information that is in the public record,” Hemingway said. “There were these laptop issues, there were these stories The New Yorker had previously reported about 2.8-carat diamond that Hunter Biden had gotten, and these things were intentionally suppressed so people would not have a negative view of [Joe] Biden.”