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Consulting Firm Founded By Biden’s Secretary Of State Pick Just Scrubbed Its Website Of All Business Ties To Communist China

Secretary of State Antony Blinken

WestExec, co-founded by Biden’s pick for secretary of state, scrubbed its service offering US research universities the chance to garner funds from foreign donors, such as those in China.


WestExec, a consulting firm co-founded in 2017 by Joe Biden’s pick for secretary of state, Antony Blinken, scrubbed one of its services offering U.S. research universities the opportunity to garner funds from foreign donors, such as those in China.

In July, the company listed “U.S. research universities” as a beneficiary of its services, assisting prominent colleges by “expanding foreign research collaboration, accepting foreign donations, and welcoming foreign students in key STEM programs” without violating any Department of Defense-sponsored research grants, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

By August, however, the WestExec’s section detailing “Managing China-related Risk in an Era of Strategic Competition” was revised, offering a new example detailing its services for a U.S. manufacturing firm.

The Free Beacon noted that the change occurred mere “weeks before Biden accepted his nomination at the Democratic National Convention in late August.”

While a spokeswoman for WestExec told the Free Beacon that the firm “previously offered a service targeted to U.S. research universities to help them avoid inadvertently becoming involved with the Chinese government,” she did not detail why the company does not advertise that service any longer.

According to the Free Beacon, the firm still claims to assist clients in dealing with “China-related risks” by “leaning on their government contacts.”

WestExec, which is named after “the closed street that runs between the West Wing of the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building,” has previously conducted consulting work involving China and Russia. It also brags of swamp connections and offers to grant its clients access to bring “the situation room to the board room.”

Its swamp connections continue to grow deeper as former members of the firm, including Michèle Flournoy, Avril Haines, and Jen Psaki are being eyed or have already been nominated for positions within a Biden administration.

Some, including Biden family business partner-turned-whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, have expressed fears that Biden and his administration could be “compromised” by communist China after it was revealed that the Biden family might have profited off a deal being planned with a Chinese Communist government-linked firm.

“I think Joe Biden and the Biden family is compromised,” Bobulinski said. “I just don’t see, given the history here and the facts, how Joe can’t be influenced in some manner based on the history that they have here with CEFC,” a Chinese energy company.

Blinken has also demonstrated his disapproval of President Donald Trump and his administration’s handling of China, criticizing their decisions in a 2017 article in the New York Times.

“While Mr. Trump is obsessed with building walls, Mr. Xi is busy building bridges,” Blinken wrote. “I’d never bet against the United States, but if the Trump-led retreat into nationalism, protectionism, unilateralism and xenophobia continues, China’s model could carry the day.”

“My sense is that if we’re working together with our partners, if we are insisting that Beijing live up to its responsibilities, we’re going to get a lot further than this, almost schizophrenic veering back and forth between confrontation and abdication that we’ve seen over the last two or three years,” Blinken later told NBC News.