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Breaking News Alert Instead Of Fixing Welfare, Biden Admin Targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Congressional Republicans Must Give The Trump Resistance A Run For Their Money


President Donald Trump is rightly fighting for his political life and the future of our nation. His legal team is presenting specific evidence of voter fraud from election officials in pivotal states. The Supreme Court has already ruled in his favor in one lawsuit. A complete audit of results in states using software that incorrectly counted votes in Michigan is a must.

This is not over, and any Republican who concedes prematurely does so at high risk. Good luck explaining to your constituents why Al Gore deserved a recount and the president does not.

While lawyers wage the most important battles, a contingency plan must be in place. What if they fail? How the GOP should respond to a President Joe Biden will be hotly debated. A look back at the last four years provides crucial context.

Beginning with Crossfire Hurricane and culminating with the premature coronation of Biden, Democrats, their allies in the national security apparatus, and their enablers in the media have fashioned themselves as The Resistance.

The Resistance orchestrated an unprecedented assault on Trump’s presidency. The insurance policy. Spying and leaking leading to a sham special counsel investigation and history’s most absurd impeachment. The pandemic fear-mongering propagating the mythical need for universal vote by mail. The gaslighting that Joe Biden, of all people, would more competently manage the coronavirus response with a change in “tone.” Now, the purported president-elect has pivoted in whiplash fashion to this being a “time to heal in America.”

Elites who were never comfortable President Trump will suggest we answer Biden’s siren call for unity. If they voted for Donald Trump, they held their nose. They’re likely affluent and live in the suburbs, immune to the policy implications of who occupies the White House. To be fair, their success deserves no scorn.

But that success allowed them to be comfortable with the pre-Trump status quo while other Americans were left behind. It’s why they might prefer we return to “normalcy” rather than embrace a movement and a presidency a historic 56 percent of Americans say made their life better than it was four years ago. It’s why they might vote against the GOP president with the highest minority vote share since 1960 because CNN calls him a racist.

The “normalcy” these Republicans would have us return to is one that allowed elites like Biden himself to spend decades enriching his family while voting to send American jobs to China and American sons and daughters to wage misguided wars in the Middle East. For millions of Americans, it’s a return to despair. Rahm Emanuel says they should learn to code.

To capitulate to The Resistance would be to validate its despicable tactics. To join hands in harmony with those now making enemies lists would be tantamount to a voluntary, unilateral surrender in the fight against authoritarianism in the name of Biden’s claimed decency.

We won’t have the mainstream media or high-level national security officials peddling misinformation on our behalf, nor should we want it. But we will have control of the U.S. Senate, a 6-3 Supreme Court majority, and a well-stocked federal judiciary.

Biden’s historically weak administration and the far-left wing pulling its strings should not get Reagan-Tip O’Neill good-faith bipartisanship it laughably seeks, as though The Resistance never happened.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded President Trump cave to her progressive agenda. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must return the favor. If Biden wants unity, give us a fully funded border wall and uniform security standards for mail ballots.

Susan Rice and the other perpetrators in the Plot Against the President must not get within miles of Foggy Bottom, Langley, or the Pentagon. No nominee for U.S. attorney general receives a vote unless he or she commits under oath to the completion of the U.S. Attorney John Durham investigation and the FBI’s money-laundering investigation into Hunter Biden. If Justice Stephen Breyer retires, no nominee gets a hearing unless named on President Trump’s 2020 Supreme Court list.

President Trump is apparently intending to run in 2024, and should file the moment this race is certified. Kick off with a rally in Washington, D.C. on Biden’s inauguration day. Continue negotiating historic peace deals between Israel and Arab nations. Withdraw all troops from Afghanistan before leaving office. Force Biden to relaunch an endless foreign war and oppose Middle Eastern peace.

If Trump chooses to step aside after what one can only assume has been a grueling five years, he deserves adoration. As for other aspiring 2024 hopefuls, the advice is simple: show The Resistance the real meaning of the word. Otherwise you won’t stand a chance.