Tucker Carlson: Dishonest Corporate Media Leaves It Up To The Federalist To Do Journalism

Tucker Carlson: Dishonest Corporate Media Leaves It Up To The Federalist To Do Journalism

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson railed against the absence of honest journalism Wednesday night, telling millions of viewers that it’s up to independent conservative websites such as The Federalist to report confirmed cases of voter fraud.

After outlining several cases of deceased persons voting in last week’s elections, Carlson highlighted the work of conservative news organizations doing the work legacy media would no doubt perform if it was former Vice President Joe Biden losing in several battleground states in a contest featuring historic turnout through mail-in voting in which dead people have cast ballots.

“We have an obligation to know much more about this,” Carlson said. “But thanks to the media blackout, it is left to independent conservative sites, places like The Federalist, to report what the rest should be reporting but are not.”

Carlson continued, pointing to Federalist reporting last week that a man named Fred Stokes Jr. cast a mail-in ballot in Clark County, Nevada that was cast on Oct. 31. Stokes Jr., however, had been dead for three years.

Below is the confirmation from Ballottrax that Stokes Jr.’s ballot had been tallied.

“How’d that happen? We don’t know,” Carlson said. “No one’s reporting on it,” except The Federalist, of course.

As Carlson pointed out at the top of the program, the New York Times has declared the existence of voter fraud a deal-done issue, conclusively headlining a piece on Wednesday morning, “Election Officials Nationwide Find No Evidence of Fraud.”

The headline is flat-out false, as demonstrated. More than one week after the election, it is clear that voter fraud did occur in the nationwide contest in which nearly 150 million people cast ballots. To what extent however, remains an open question.

Biden currently leads by razor-thin margins in several tipping-point states that the Trump campaign is in the process of contesting, where multiple recounts are also taking place.

Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]
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