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12 Ways For Trump To Bomb The Battlefield While Biden Claims The Presidency


President Trump is right to refuse to concede the 2020 election until every legal vote has been counted and allegations of significant fraud have been fairly investigated. His voters deserve and need to know if we were beaten fair and square. Otherwise, Democrats are poisoning the nation’s political well and ensuring Republicans never wield power at the federal level again after having established that Republicans will not fight fraud.

Since the president’s team has begun releasing increasingly good evidence of large-scale voter fraud in key states, the tide may yet turn again. At the same time, the same media-Democrat complex whose lies have been running the country for four years — think Russian collusion, impeachment, and now endless COVID lockdowns unhinged from science and prudence— typically prevail through their well-amplified echo chamber of lies that operates key institutions Republicans have conceded for the last century.

A savvy embattled leader will prepare for all possible outcomes, and make war on all fronts possible. Democrat leadership doesn’t only do that because they have evil ideology and character. They do it because it works.

That means right now President Trump needs a skunkworks team coming up with as many political land mines as possible to embed in the landscape if Republicans are forced to retreat from the White House in January. Going on offense will also open new fronts so Democrats cannot exclusively focus on swaying the North Carolina and Georgia Senate races to obtain unobstructed control of Congress and the presidency.

I’ve got a few ideas that will open new offensive fronts and occupy Democrat time and resources, as well as deprive them of their public veneer of legitimacy that is crucial to the population quietly accepting their claims at face value, to the clear detriment of our nation and its future.

1. Immediately Release All Spygate Documents

The full truth about which Obama administration officials did what in the conspiracy to strangle Trump’s presidency through false accusations of treason with Russia remains largely under wraps. Key intelligence officials appear to have deliberately sat on important Spygate information, hoping to keep it hidden until Biden possibly became president and it could be buried forever. Not one person has been prosecuted in the probe yet, even though many have clearly committed felonies.

We’re talking members of one political party using federal policing, spying, and investigative powers to persecute their political opponents in order to invalidate the results of a presidential election. Corruption doesn’t get any more dangerous than this. If Biden does become president, the full truth will never come out. What’s worse, the lack of punishment for actual treason will enable it to happen again, and again, and again.

Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer’s comments about how presidents don’t do what spooks want will pay for it will be proven absolutely true, and our nation will have fully succumbed to the rule of a few unaccountable elite who rule against the voters’ will. Trump must release all the Spygate documents now to make sure this cannot happen.

2. Pardon Russiagate Victims Like Mike Flynn

Michael Flynn has been punished for four years for agreeing to serve as Trump’s national security advisor. He was nabbed as part of the Spygate sting on Trump, and is still having his life devastated by endless court persecutions that are based on nothing but anti-Trump prejudice and a desire to hide what else is under the hood.

Flynn deserves a pardon. He may not be able to get it because his judge has been deliberately delaying his legal process hoping for a Biden win, but Trump should do all possible for him and the other people who were targeted with legal harassment for the crime of supporting Trump.

3. Fire Chris Wray

FBI Director Chris Wray has not addressed the deep corruption among senior FBI staff revealed in the course of four years of Russiagate investigations. We’re talking evidence of numerous felonies going unpunished, likely with more we don’t know about. He needs to be replaced with someone who will clean house fast.

That should include releasing all internal information possible about crimes that have been committed by FBI employees, like those that caused some to take out professional liability insurance because of the obviously criminal things they were being commanded to do as part of their “public service.”

4. Every Trump Appointee Should Be Taking Down Names and Files

Trump opponents have started making lists of anyone who worked for or supported him, to purge and harass them until the ends of their lives. Each and every Trump appointee to political federal agency posts should start making their own lists of information for friendly reporters to do open records requests on to reveal the rampant corruption within the federal workforce, from federal employees who are obviously worthless loafers to shocking activities being perpetrated with taxpayer dollars such as the racist critical race theory trainings that Biden has promised to reinstate if he takes the presidency.

By now, these appointees know where some dirty laundry can be found. They should make sure it all gets aired. It’s time to make war on the administrative state that has besieged the nation that funds it.

5. Release All Paper Trails for Likely Biden Appointees

The Biden campaign is telegraphing its disrespect for America’s election certification processes by releasing information about who Biden plans to elevate to appointed public positions. The Trump administration should helpfully pre-release to the public all internal information about any of these people’s past federal service. It should publish all emails, memos, communications, reports, and all other available information about, to, and from them that can be found in our taxpayer-underwritten national records. Transparency!

6. Fire Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a double-dealing political hack who has devastated his country insisting it is moral to sacrifice an entire nation to stop a single virus with a survivability rate of 99.95 percent for the working- and school-age population (those younger than 70). Under Trump, he has actively worked against the president’s priority of making sure there is an America left after COVID, providing nonstop ammunition to media hysteria that has hobbled the nation, advanced our foreign enemies, deeply damaged relationships and communities, and darkened our economic future while very possibly increasing the death toll.

Fauci should have been fired months ago. He probably wasn’t because of the upcoming election. Well, now the election is over. Get rid of this petty little dictator.

7. Publish All Internal Deliberation About COVID Response Among Federal Agencies and Taskforces

The American people deserve to know what our “top scientists” were privately saying in email, videoconference, and other venues within their government jobs about topics like mask mandates, the efficacy of a vaccine, the accuracy of the information being put forth by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control, and efforts at suppressing dissent and science that did not accord with Democrats’ desire to use coronavirus as a weapon against Democrat Enemy No. 1.

All this information is public record. Don’t wait for the records requests. Speaking from experience, federal agencies often delay those endlessly or force inquirers to pay a pretty penny to obtain this ostensibly public information. Pre-emptively release it and let the American people see what their money and lives got them from our “public health experts,” and whether their public claims matched their private discussions and information.

8. Publish All Information About A COVID Vaccine

The Trump administration awarded the drug company Pfizer $2 billion from taxpayers to produce a coronavirus vaccine available for free to all Americans. Pfizer decided to notify Joe Biden of the latest developments in that vaccine rather than the president who commissioned it and was, in fact, still president at the time of Pfizer’s news.

All communications and research about the vaccine should be posted publicly, most importantly because Americans deserve to know what they are getting if they take it and to be able to tell if people are lying to them about it for political purposes.

9. Release All Information about Supposed Investigations Of Planned Parenthood Trafficking In Human Body Parts

We’ve spent four years hearing Democrats preen their fake morality feathers claiming Trump separates children from parents while they demand that Americans fund a massive corporation that profits big-time by separating children from their hearts and brains inside the womb. Federal agencies have been supposed to be investigating Planned Parenthood’s body parts trafficking scheme, but we’ve heard nothing from them while California continues to legally persecute the whistleblower who recorded video evidence of this crime against humanity.

The woman who led that persecution may soon become vice president. It is a certainty she will make sure that investigation ends.

The Trump administration should find all of the video evidence whistleblower David Daleiden has compiled, which ought to be in federal possession as part of that investigation, and release it to the public so corrupt California courts cannot continue to hide this horrific evidence from Americans that their tax dollars are funding a mass murderer.

10. Prepare All Election Lawsuit Documents for Release ASAP

Corporate media, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, have already declared that they will keep information about voter fraud from reaching the American public. It is therefore up to the Trump campaign to keep doing end-runs around their censorship, in this case by making sure all those who are disposed to hear his case are aware of what it consists and have the facts available to steel their resolve in his favor.

The campaign has begun to release lawsuits and affidavits and other information about its case. It should continue to do so and to make sure that Americans see for themselves that the media is lying to them about where the situation stands.



11. Accelerate the Wall and Prepare for the Caravans

“Caravans” of unvetted foreign citizens who intend to deliberately break U.S. law to enter our country are again amassing in anticipation of a Biden presidency allowing them unfettered and unlawful access to U.S. resources. Trump should move every single dollar he can get towards getting as much of his border wall finished as possible, and accelerate all other ways he can impede Biden from allowing massive amounts of money to  keep flowing to terrorist cartels through human trafficking.

12. Get American Soldiers Home by Christmas

On Monday, President Trump fired and replaced Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Since Trump has been the only president in decades to not start a new foreign war, and his own staff have been blocking his policy of not making U.S. taxpayers fund the security of foreign nations, he should get it done already.

It’s been 20 years. We’re done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Give America and the troops a Christmas present. If Biden ultimately reverses the decision or starts a new war, he can make Democrats own their new status as the party that stands for wasting American blood and treasure.

This article has been corrected since publication.