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The Spygate Coup Attempt Destroyed Media And Democrats’ Credibility On Voter Fraud

If Donald Trump’s enemies will go to such great lengths to oust him at the end of his first term, does anyone really think his foes wouldn’t fix an election?


After enduring four years of corporate media and congressional Democrats peddling lies, half-truths, and false narratives, Donald Trump voters will never believe a Joe Biden victory was lawfully achieved. While there is no short-term fix to that fallout, if our republic is to survive and flourish, there must be a reckoning by elected officials and journalists and a course correction—no matter whom is declared the winner of 2020.

Since Tuesday’s election, America has witnessed some strange happenings in the voting tallies. Equally bizarre is the unbelievable phenomena we are witnessing of down-ballot Republicans riding Trump’s coattails to victory, with the president himself allegedly defrocked at the finish line.

Then there is the evidence of up to 6,000 illegal votes cast in Nevada, and credible evidence of fraud in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Social media is flush with many more serious-sounding claims of voter fraud, but separating rumors from the real concerning charges is difficult.

The process will continue weeks, maybe even months, with recounts and court battles. If Biden “wins,” at the end of the day, Democrat politicians and their blinded Republican colleagues, in hand with the media, will assure Americans of the legitimacy of the process. (If Trump ekes out a victory, of course, all that will change). The media will “debunk” or “fact check” away the fraud and state officials will “investigate” then issue bureaucratic reports refuting charges of voter fraud.

When that time comes, half of America will disregard their every word. Trump supporters saw the play; they know the script and the actors, and they have already panned corporate media’s productions.

Trump’s backers lived through four years of false claims of “Russia collusion,” and while leftist media and many Americans remain in the dark about SpyGate, enough on the right know the reality that they won’t trust anything Democrats or the legacy press say about election fraud. Why should they?

Those well-versed in the SpyGate know that Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff lied about Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse, and the press gave him a free pass and instead attacked Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, whose memorandum on FISA abuse first exposed the country to the FBI’s corruption in targeting the Trump campaign. They know the special counsel was a sham, that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report conclusively established the Obama-Biden administration spied on the Trump campaign. And they know corporate media still refuses to acknowledge that simple truth.

SpyGate connoisseurs also know the spying and lying was not isolated. They know both career and political appointees in the FBI and DOJ, as well as other agencies, held strong anti-Trump sentiments and targeted Trump and his staff. They also know the impeachment of Trump was a hoax; that there was no whistleblower and that Democrats concocted the scandal to get rid of Trump. And they know the MSM happily provided an assist.

If Trump’s enemies will go to such great lengths to oust him at the end of his first term, does anyone really think his foes wouldn’t fix an election to avoid four more years of Trump as commander-in-chief?

This reality is devastating, and here I mean not only the devastation of a fixed election, but the equally catastrophic consequence of a government and a press lacking in credibility.

The weaponizing of the intelligence and law enforcement communities to take down Trump has rendered the government untrustworthy. The corporate media’s complicity in the scheme left a corrupt government without a check and the populace without a beacon.

Assurances now, from these sources, mean nothing. No number of press conferences by battle-ground states’ secretaries of state will assuage Trump voters. No amount of ink will make the media believable now on the question of voter fraud. And that is distressing, because Americans want to know—need to know—if there was fraud.

But it is unlikely we will ever know the truth because of the difficulty in proving widespread voter fraud—and the greater difficulty in believing anything we are told by the government and the media.