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Jack Nicklaus Endorses Donald Trump For President

Professional golfer Jack Nicklaus endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election bid less than a week before the election.


Professional golfer Jack Nicklaus, also known as “The Golden Bear,” endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election bid Wednesday less than a week before the election.

“Get out and vote. I did!” Nicklaus wrote on Twitter along with a statement.

“I have had the privilege over the last 3 ½ years to get to know our current President a little more as his term has progressed. I have been very disappointed at what he’s had to put up with from many directions,” Nicklaus wrote in his statement. “But with that, I have seen a resolve and a determination to do the right thing for our country… You might not like the way our President says or tweets some thing – and trust me, I have told him that! – but I have learned to look past that and focus on what he’s tried to accomplish.”

Trump immediately celebrated the endorsement on Twitter.

Wednesday isn’t the first time Nicklaus has praised the Republican president.

“Donald’s terrific,” Nicklaus said on CBS in the spring of 2016. “I like what Donald has done. He’s turning America upside down. He’s awakening the country… We need a lot of that. Is he a politician? Is he as smooth and politically correct as he should be? Probably not. But he’ll learn. He’s not stupid. He didn’t get where he was being dumb.”