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Big Tech Slept With Communist China And Brought Venereal Censorship Back To America


Big Tech slept with communist China and brought venereal censorship back home to America. This is why it’s always dangerous to treat one-party authoritarian dictatorships as if they’re as harmless as Canada. If you don’t appreciate the intrinsic threat of governments that ban freedom, then they will spread their despotism faster than you can cure their disease.

Since Bill Clinton invited China into the World Trade Organization while pretending that the Tiananmen Square massacre never happened, and replaced American manufacturing jobs with China’s slave labor force, the stated foreign policy “dream” was for American society’s freedom and openness to rub off on our old communist foe. Instead, the United States has empowered China’s military might by enriching China with America’s investment wealth, and all Americans received in return was a crappy “Made in China” T-shirt.

Greedy Washington insiders let Wall Street sellout Main Streets across the country with the fairytale promise that we could buy a future-proof peace with China for the next century. China took Wall Street’s money, smiled while Washington whittled away America’s manufacturing expertise, and bought up America’s debt with U.S. citizens’ own money.

American globalists committed to undermining our blue-collar labor force for beads and trinkets have ensured the rise of a Chinese superpower that now threatens the equilibrium of peace and security that this great intercontinental transfer of wealth to Asia was supposed to prevent. China’s President Xi Jinping recently told his military to “prepare for war.” Once again, Clinton Democrats and neoconservative Republicans pursued the exact policies necessary to usher in a dangerous decade with the potential for worldwide conflict on the horizon.

So, what have Americans reaped in return for this debacle? Once proud and self-sufficient towns across America have been wrecked by an industrial exodus that has left a generation of local workers lost, despondent, and alone. Instead of America’s supposed cultural dominance celebrated and coinciding with an expansion of freedom and democracy abroad, the same discarded blue-collar workers get to see American openness recede behind heavy-handed lockdown mandates of Democrat officials, Big Media propaganda, and the torching of free speech at the hands of Silicon Valley’s pirate overlords.

One of the biggest stories of the 2020 campaign is how Facebook and Twitter censored the New York Post’s bombshell story documenting Hunter Biden’s efforts to merchandize his father’s political office for financial gain in Ukraine and China. It paints the picture of a pay-to-play arrangement strenuously denied by Joe Biden for over a year, apparently covered up by an FBI unwilling to pursue investigatory leads dumped in its lap, and transformed into a Trump impeachment by the Schiff-Nadler-Pelosi smear party and their agents in the press.

Let’s not pretend, however, that the Biden family’s solicitation of Ukraine and Chinese payoffs and the coordinated attacks on free speech by Big Media and Big Tech sprang up unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Washington opened up America’s economy 20 years ago to a corrupt communist regime, and we have been paying the price ever since.

Our politicians didn’t sell the idea of freedom to China; China simply made corrupt American politicians more corrupt. In the process, American culture has been refashioned to treat China as a friend, while largely ignoring its suppression of free speech, persecution of Christians, and outright murder of political dissidents.

LeBron James is too young to remember Tiananmen Square, too intentionally ignorant of China’s Holocaust-like sterilizations and genocide against its Uighur citizens, and too well paid by Chinese interests to recognize China’s human rights atrocities as some of the most heinous acts since the Second World War. LeBron can praise communist China while kneeling in protest of the American flag and the freedom it represents because he knows no better. And he knows no better partly because Washington, Wall Street, and our academic elite have pretended for 20 years that Chinese communism is somehow a gentler, more peaceful, free-market kind of communism that Americans can and should get behind.

It is an awful irony that so many freedom fighters in Hong Kong and Taiwan live each day in the shadow of China’s brute authoritarianism, and American leftists attacking President Trump’s policies geared toward fighting back against the ever-growing threat of a rising China.

The worst irony of all, however, is that after welcoming China into the global free trade club with all the international privileges once reserved for freedom-loving nations, Americans are increasingly having information actively censored and suppressed by unelected and unaccountable technology companies that have brought an ample dose of China’s authoritarianism back home to the United States.

We’re now at a point where American tech firms with near-monopoly power and tremendous revenue streams from China can actively censor a breaking news story detailing a presidential candidate’s connection to influence-peddling — in China. There may be a “Manchurian candidate” this election cycle, but those same tech firms have decided that the story should never be told. Who needs to worry about a “Manchurian candidate” when it is clear we have entire “Manchurian industries” playing us for fools?

Big Tech has been flirting with political censorship for quite some time, but its organized efforts to actively influence an American presidential election by embargoing newsworthy information from being seen by American voters represent a complete embrace of near CCP-levels of censorship. Just as these American tech companies have aided China in “scoring” the “social worthiness” of citizens, they’ve turned their systems of thought crime punishment upon Americans.

Whatever glossy hopes of spreading American freedom to China existed 20 years ago have backfired spectacularly. American manufacturing lies in tatters, American wealth has been repurposed toward Chinese imperialism, and American tech companies have become ambassadors for Chinese censorship. For Americans who have lost everything from Washington’s ill-advised dance with a communist superpower that wishes us harm, the “Made in China” label looks more like a takeover than a bargain.