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Why Growing Medical Consensus Finds Lockdowns Are Making The Pandemic Worse

“There was no evidence in the beginning to suggest that lockdowns work and there’s no evidence now.”


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Executive Editor Joy Pullman hosts Dr. William “Matt” Briggs and Dr. Jay Richard to discuss their new book, “The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe,” covering the “tyranny of experts” and how the response of panicking and implementing lockdowns made the pandemic worse.

“We’re dealing with a fairly unremarkable coronavirus or infectious agent. It’s real. It kills people. We’re not denying that, but it’s fairly unremarkable, historically. And then a historic social contagion. That’s what we think ultimately the story of 2020 is about,” Richards said.

While the authors say that a widespread virus is common every 10-20 years, many experts ignored the history and medical evidence and instead chose to follow the mainstream media’s narrative of pandemic panic, making policy decisions based on hypothetical scenarios.

“Every day, epidemiologists knew the stuff that we were talking about, but for some reason, in 2020, all of these experts pretended to forget all they knew about viruses and were just going along with the political quo,” Richards said.

It was this panic, Richards and Briggs conclude, that forced government-mandated lockdowns, which appear to have had no effect to help flatten the already naturally falling curve than those states or countries who didn’t lockdown.

“There was no evidence in the beginning to suggest that lockdowns work and there’s no evidence now,” Briggs said. “There’s a slight edge to those countries that did not lockdown. In other words, that was a better strategy to follow: letting this disease play its course.”

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