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Antifa Sympathizer Orchestrates Billboard Campaign To Topple Colorado GOP Candidate

A new billboard campaign popping up in western Colorado attacking Lauren Boebert is orchestrated by an Antifa sympathizer, FEC records show.


A new billboard campaign popping up in western Colorado advertising a recently launched website attacking 3rd congressional district Republican nominee Lauren Boebert is orchestrated by an Antifa sympathizer, FEC records show.

George Autobee, according to an August filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), is one of the founders of the new group “Rural Colorado United” that erected an anti-Boebert billboard in Grand Junction located on the western border of the state near Utah.

A simple search on Autobee’s Facebook offers an image of the standard anti-Trump liberal who just last week published a post in solidarity with Antifa, the radical left-wing group that encourages the use of violence to pursue its political agenda.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wold told The Federalist during an exclusive interview in August that the loose organization at the center of this year’s devastating outbreak of civil unrest “absolutely” meets the definition of a domestic terrorist group.

“I think what we see with them individually targeting law enforcement, individually targeting certain officials for certain reasons, that is the definition of domestic terrorism,” Wolf said, with the caveat that the decentralized nature of the far-left terrorist group makes it difficult to define who is a part of it.

Autobee has also been featured in an ad for Boebert’s November opponent, although his appearance was in a campaign commercial two years ago when the former Democratic Colorado State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush was running against Republican incumbent Scott Tipton ousted by Boebert in a primary earlier this year.

The website promoted on the Grand Junction billboard attacks Boebert by branding the political newcomer as a law and order hypocrite, campaigning on a tough-on-crime platform despite her own run-ins with the law. According to the Colorado Sun, the Trump-endorsed Republican has been arrested several times for minor offenses from dog code violations to domestic disturbances and unsafe driving.

“While Diane Mitsch Bush and her supporters have decided to take the low road, we are proud that Lauren Boebert is continuing to work hard across CD-03 to talk to voters about results and what she stands for,” Colorado Republican Party Spokesman Joe Jackson told The Federalist in a statement. “These negative and misleading attacks won’t change the fact that Diane Mitsch Bush is a socialist who supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.”