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House Republicans Unveil ‘Commitment To America’ Less Than 50 Days From Election

House Republicans unveiled a ‘Commitment to America’ platform Tuesday outlining a congressional platform 49 days to go until Nov. 3.


House Republicans unveiled a “Commitment to America” platform Tuesday outlining a congressional platform with 49 days to go until Nov. 3. This sets the stage for an election between re-opening a safe and secure nation that stands up to its global adversaries and a society ruled by indefinite lockdowns imposed on a citizenry stripped of police protection by virulent mobs.

“Name me one problem the Democrat majority in the House has solved,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy challenged during a press conference on the steps of the Capitol surrounded by Republican colleagues. McCarthy went on the hammer Democrats’ support for defunding police while defending militants terrorizing communities after launching an assault on American institutions by passing a partisan, crimeless impeachment.

“When asked about the violent protest, the speaker expressed her support by saying, ‘people will do what they do,'” McCarthy said, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s remarks in which she simply shrugged in response to a reporter’s question on Baltimore rioters toppling a statue of Christopher Columbus.

“Americans are fed up with politicians who say one thing and do another,” McCarthy said. “Instead of empty rhetoric, they deserve results. This is why we are announcing our commitment to America.”

The agenda introduced by House Republicans features a dedication to re-open the country by “tripling rapid COVID testing” along with the aggressive pursuit of a vaccine while ramping up the national stockpile of supplies to ensure community preparedness for any outbreak. Republicans also emphasize their support for free enterprise initiatives such as extending the child tax credit and expanding Opportunity Zones to drive up investment in depressed areas.

China is the only foreign entity mentioned on Republicans’ one-page platform, where members are demanding the government implement China Task Force recommendations to decrease American dependence on the greatest global threat to emerge in the 21st century.

House Republicans also unveiled Tuesday what they argue is the platform of their Democratic opponents: support for abolishing law enforcement, raising taxes, and a relaxed foreign policy opening the door for China to eclipse the United States as the world’s dominant superpower.

While the November election still lies weeks away, early voting begins in several states Friday.