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Breaking News Alert Republicans Say Biden 'Not Fit To Serve,' Needs To Step Down

Democrats Are Complicit In The Killing Of Our Police

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Democrats will not condemn attacks on police without equivocation and it’s getting cops killed.


It took Joe Biden three months to stand up to the insane left-wing of the Democratic Party and condemn the riots and looting that swept over America in this our summer of discontent. Even then, it was not so much a principled and courageous act but rather a political calculation. It turns out his progressive advisors were selling him a bill of goods when they told him average Americans were against America and its police, but some people were paying attention to Biden’s tacit approval of violence, and now our law enforcement officers are paying the price, some with their lives.

According to Rep. Chip Roy (R- Texas), 43 law enforcement officers have been killed thus far in 2020 — a 43 percent increase over last year. In some cases, like the horrific shooting in Los Angeles, the incidents are little short of assassination attempts.

At his rally in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday night President Trump could not have been more clear about his condemnation of that shooting. It was unequivocal. He even went so far as to call for the death penalty for the assailant. But for Joe Biden and the Democrats, well, it’s complicated.

Biden’s Cowardly Lion act is rooted in his compromise position on the riots. In order to condemn them without singling them out, he insists that he abhors violence of all kinds. This milquetoast position is dangerous and badly misses the mark. There is not an acceptable way to equate a tragic incident involving police during the fraught and hectic process of detaining someone who is resisting arrest and a person shooting police with no provocation beyond the uniform the officers are wearing. None. To pretend so is deeply unserious and puts police officers in harm’s way.

There was once a Joe Biden who understood this, a champion of law and order, a man capable of expressing righteous anger over these assassination attempts. Either he has cynically abandoned that right and proper position for political gain, or he really is so diminished mentally that he is simply lapping up the leftist nonsense his advisers serve him like a doddering old fool slurping rice pudding at the home. Either way, it is absolutely disqualifying.

But this problem goes much deeper that Joe Biden. It is a cancer spreading throughout the Democratic Party. Nobody, it seems, in that storied institution is willing to simply say, it is never acceptable to attack police without adding a “but” to the sentence. No, “systemic racism,” whatever that means, does not complicate the targeted killing of police. The legacy of slavery does not mitigate such evil actions. The need for police reform does not give license to disobey the law or do harm to those entrusted with the protection of our society.

Is it any wonder that police are retiring at record rates? Is it any wonder that people are trepidatious about entering what should be and is one of the most honorable professions that exists in any society? As the Democrats denigrate the hundreds of thousands of brave police who risk their lives everyday to serve us, they not only undermine public safety, they put the lives of those police at risk, and we are seeing the results of that written in the blood of heroes.

Democrats insist that the problem with policing is not just a few bad apples, but rather deep and systemic. They do this with racism as well; it is never the individual responsibility of a bad actor, but rather something deeply and irrevocably broken in our horrible, racist society. It is any wonder that when the Democrats demonize all police as the racist executioners of innocent black people that there are those who see the only solution as violence?

And isn’t Joe Biden and the Democrats’ implicit threat that if we don’t let them reconstruct the entire country, the entire criminal justice system, that this violence will continue? The Democrats are offering voters two basic choices, either vote them in and let them transform America into a Marxist struggle session or the violence will continue. But this is a false choice and Americans know it.

No more equivocations, no more buts. The Democrats must denounce this spree of attacks on police in no uncertain terms, and they have to do it right now. If they do not, they will wind up with more blood on their hands than they already have, and our society will reap the violence they are sowing. That must not happen.