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Has Joe Biden Done Critical Race Theory Diversity Training?

Government employees are being forced to undergo “anti-racism” training. Why hasn’t old, white Joe Biden?


The latest controversy in the culture wars to bubble up is the use of Critical Race Theory diversity training in government agencies. Increasing whistleblower reports have revealed what many believe are deeply racist ideas being taught and promulgated to employees of the federal government. This includes Maoist type struggle sessions, confessions of white privilege, and even written apologies from white workers to people of color. Progressives insist that such training is needed to make our horrible, no good, awful, racist country better, but I have a question. Has Joe Biden undergone such training?

Old white Uncle Joe certainly seems like he would be a prime candidate for this “anti-racist” reprogramming. After all, this is a guy who hung out with segregationists, opposed busing, supported the 1990s crime bill, and a candidate whose own running mate basically called him a racist just a few months ago. If anybody needs to understand and digest their own toxic whiteness and the harm it has done to black bodies, wouldn’t it be Joe Biden?

If it’s so vitally important that the government spends oodles of cash to “educate” some random engineer, whose job has nothing to do with race or racism about their inherent privilege and bias then my goodness, it should be absolutely essential that a white man who might sit in the Oval Office participate in such a cleansing too. To my knowledge, Biden has not participated in “anti-racism” training. That should be fixed, and it should happen on live television.

What better way could Biden help his fellow white Americans understand how awful they are than by publicly confessing his privilege and all the harm that his white fragility and ignorance has cause in his 47 years of government? What better way to assure voters of color that he is a changed man? I mean, if regular everyday workers have to go through this in order to make our nation a more equitable place, why not Joe Biden? Why does he get a pass?

The answer of course is that Critical Race Theory diversity training has absolutely nothing to do with fighting racism. In fact, it is racism. It only has to do with power, and the redistribution of power achieved through a process of white guilt. Most conservatives are against this kind of thing, including the man Biden is running against as evidenced by this exchange President Trump had with Bob Woodward:

“…do you have any sense that that privilege has isolated and put you in a cave, to a certain extent, as it put me – and I think lots of White, privileged people – in a cave and that we have to work our way out of it to understand the anger and the pain, particularly, Black people feel in this country? Do you see?” Woodward asked.

“No,” the president said. “You, you really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Just listen to you, wow. No, I don’t feel that at all.”

Now first of all, Woodward sounds here like a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence who feels guilty because daddy bought her a new Acura while there is so much racism in the country. He is clearly ready to “do the work” to dismantle white supremacy. Trump is, well, not. But what about Biden? If Bob Woodward can confess his privilege and ignorance shouldn’t Biden? What’s going on here?

I know the corporate media shills that the Biden campaign picks to ask softball questions are following marching orders, but can somebody ask Biden if he has received this vitally important training that so many in the government are forced to receive? And if he hasn’t, wouldn’t now be a good time? Is he worried it would be embarrassing? Too bad, Joe. Do the work. Walk the talk of the left if you support others having to go through this. And if you don’t say that. Now is the time.