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Trump Campaign Manager On Strategy: ‘We Need To Keep Talking About Joe Biden’s Radical Policies’

President Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien expressed eagerness to continue campaigning “like we are the underdog” despite what polls say.


President Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien expressed eagerness to continue campaigning “like we are the underdog” despite what polls say in an interview with Politico reporters Tuesday morning. The Trump campaign is ready to shift their focus to showcasing the policies presented by presidential rival Joe Biden, Stepien said.

“We need to keep talking about Joe Biden’s radical policies,” he said. “You did not hear a lot last week at the Democratic National Convention about the Democrats’ policies. You heard a lot about fear tactics and the bad things about America in the Democrats’ eyes.”

“You didn’t hear a lot about their policies and that’s not because they don’t have policies, it’s because their policies are bad,” he added, listing off notable pieces on some Democrats’ platforms such as the Green New Deal, raising taxes, open borders, and defunding the police.

Stepien highlighted some of the Republican National Convention talking points Monday night, saying that the economy is doing well thanks to Trump’s business background.

“The president built the world’s greatest economy once, he’s gonna do it again. He’s got a proven track record of being a builder in his private life. He’s got a proven track record of doing it as president,” Stepien argued.

Stepien also echoed praise for President Trump’s response to COVID-19 and shutting down travel from China, but clarified that the most important aspect of Trump’s response for the campaign was his demonstrated leadership.

“He’s not campaigning on COVID. He’s campaigning on being a leader, on being strong, and providing steady leadership during a time of need,” Stepien said.

When asked by Politico reporters about mail-in voting, Stepien said he believes that if it has already occurred, it is “fine” and is proven to work. He did, however, mention the campaign’s concern about the “scary proposition” of elected officials “changing the rules” of voting by mail.

“I think our concern on the campaign is when 80 days, 90 days out from Election Day, you have Democrat governors changing the rules,” he said. “My concern is that Democrat governors like in my old home state, Phil Murphy. He’s making promises to the voters of New Jersey that he can’t guarantee that he can keep.”

“Universal vote-by-mail laws that are trying to be hurried through, ballot harvesting — these are all things that are very scary to people who want, expect and deserve to have all their votes counted and accounted for,” he continued.

While Stepien thinks things are going well for the campaign as of right now, he also said that there is a necessary sense of urgency that the campaign recognizes as the election fast approaches.

“This is the part of the campaign that that really is focused on the stretch run, the ground game,” he said.