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Tom Cotton Introduces Legislation To Ban Federal Funding Of Schools Teaching Fake History

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton introduced legislation last week that would ban federal funding from schools teaching the 1619 Project.


Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton introduced legislation Thursday that would bar federal funding from schools that incorporate the New York Times’ anti-American “1619 Project” into their curriculum.

“The New York Times’ 1619 Project is a racially divisive, revisionist account of history that denies the noble principles of freedom and equality on which our nation was founded,” Cotton said in a statement. “Not a single cent of federal funding should go to indoctrinate young Americans with this left-wing garbage.”

The bill, titled the “Saving American History Act of 2020,” would bar schools from receiving federal professional-development grants if they teach out of the 1619 Project which the New York Times has actively pushed on school K-12 curriculums despite deep inaccuracies and widespread criticism from renowned historians.

Under Cotton’s proposal, the secretaries of Education, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture would be mandated to prorate funding for schools based on whether they incorporate the 1619 Project into their programs while exempting low-income and special needs students.

The project launched in August, which won a Pulitzer Prize just weeks after it was forced to issue a major correction, has already been employed in school curriculum in Chicago, Washington D.C., Newark, New Jersey, and Buffalo, New York.

The Pulitzer Prize recipient and lead writer of the legacy paper’s project meanwhile, Nikole Hannah-Jones, has spent the recent weeks encouraging the violence of the George Floyd protest while pursuing her mission to rewrite American history as one chronicling an irredeemably racist society built for the sole purpose to oppress. Hannah-Jones’ revisionist plot has also drawn the endorsement from television celebrity Oprah Winfrey who is launching a feature film series to convince the country of its inherent evil.

Watch this short documentary from the Capital Research Center debunking the project here: