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Sean Davis: Most Disconcerting Thing About Obamagate Is Not One Person Has Been Charged

The Federalist’s Sean Davis says the ‘most disconcerting’ thing about the Obama administration’s illegal spying is not one person has been charged.


Federalist co-founder Sean Davis said the “most disconcerting” thing about the Obama administration’s illegal spying and the fabrication of evidence in order to conduct deep-state surveillance on the Trump campaign is that not a single person has been charged now years later.

“Nobody’s been charged,” Davis said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday. “If they’re not even going to come in and charge people who obviously violated our laws in order to spy on and then overthrow a presidential administration, why on earth would we expect them to go and reform the agency?”

The U.S. intelligence community declassified new documents Thursday offering more proof to pile onto the growing mountain of evidence exposing how corrupted bureaucrats abused their government powers to oust the democratically elected President Donald Trump.

“Thanks to Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, we had declassified some FBI documents about a lot of their shenanigans and antics in 2016, and one thing we learned from the hand of one of the FBI agents involved in the spy campaign against the Trump campaign was that they used a defensive briefing on foreign intelligence threats like Russians trying to interfere in our election,” Davis explained. “They used that briefing, not to tell the Trump administration of the Trump campaign what was happening, they used it instead to spy on the Trump campaign. And the agent they sent in said he was there to actively listen to and look at mannerisms from the people involved in case he needed to use it against them later during their spy campaign.”