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Party Of Stacey Abrams Claims Trump Won’t Leave Presidency If Voted Out Of Office

Democrats moved onto a new conspiracy theory: Trump will refuse to leave the White House or give up the presidency should Joe Biden win in November.


The left loves conspiracies about President Trump, as shown through the extended Russiagate hoax that was taken seriously for years. Once impeachment hearings proved how flimsy the well-propagated idea actually was, Democrats moved onto a new theory: that Trump will refuse to leave the White House or give up the presidency should Joe Biden win in November.

The theory has been supported by both journalists and politicians, despite lacking any basis in fact. The idea behind it is that the president is engaging in fascist and suppressive military acts in Portland and other rioting cities as a “trial run” for using the military to seize power.

The proposed military actions being discussed are not actually an undue show of force for the sake of grabbing power, but a reaction to the violence wreaking havoc and taking lives in American cities. There is nothing to suggest that Trump is practicing for some military coup. He is mounting a much-needed defense against chaos.

The link between the two ideas is nonexistent, save for the fact that a continued Trump presidency and ending the riots are both things the left desperately wishes to avoid. The only reason to connect the push for federal law enforcement to protect cities and Trump’s hypothetical coup is to provide the illusion of evidence.

This conspiracy takes for granted two incredibly shaky assumptions.  First, Democrats are taking Biden’s victory over Trump in 2020 as a foregone conclusion. While Biden is ahead in the polls, it’s a long way to November, and a lot can change in three months. In addition, the polls have a history of inaccuracy, such as when the 2016 polls indicated a Hillary Clinton victory. Second, those who subscribe to this theory claim Trump would refuse to hand over power to Biden should he win.

It’s astonishingly ironic that liberals insist Trump would attempt to invalidate the results of a fair election when they have spent his entire presidency doing just that. The Democrats began working to impeach the president before he even stepped into office, and have latched onto any negative theory about him and treated it as fact. Their lack of self-awareness is almost comical.