Ted Cruz: Today’s Democrat Party Is The Party Of Silicon Valley Billionaires

Ted Cruz: Today’s Democrat Party Is The Party Of Silicon Valley Billionaires

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz offered a time-defining analysis Thursday of who stands represented today by America’s two major parties, charging the contemporary Democratic Party with being the “party of Silicon Valley billionaires,” while Republicans represent the working class.

“The big lie in politics is that Republicans are the party of the rich and Democrats are the party of the poor. That just ain’t true,” Cruz said in an interview with Federalist Cultural Editor Emily Jashinsky. “Today’s Democratic Party is the party of Silicon Valley billionaires. Today’s Democratic Party is the party of Michael Bloomberg. It is the party of power, it is the party of suppression, it is jack-booted thugs who will enforce their will through force.”

Cruz continued, characterizing Republicans as “Ohio steelworkers.”

“Today’s Republican Party are single moms waiting tables who are filled with opportunities. They are people like my dad when he was a teenage immigrant from Cuba washing dishes, and it’s entirely inverted.”

In the wide-ranging interview with The Federalist Radio Hour, Cruz also hammered big tech censorship as “the single greatest threat that democracy faces, that political discourses faces, that free speech faces.”

“We’ve got a handful of giant monopolies with massive power, and their arrogance is growing exponentially,” Cruz said. “They have demonstrated a repeated willingness to silence, to stifle, to muzzle speech they disagree with.”

Cruz raised concerns related to TikTok in particular, a Chinese video-sharing app popular in the United States increasingly facing intense Washington scrutiny over suspicions of mining U.S. data for China’s advantage.

“TikTok worries me a lot,” Cruz said. “I’m worried about it as a surveillance tool, I’m worried about it as an espionage tool, I’m worried about it as an identity theft tool, as a tool to steal the information on your phone. I don’t have TikTok on my phone.”

Cruz added that his daughters were so fond of the platform that one even requested President Donald Trump’s phone number so she could plead with the commander-in-chief not to ban the popular app.

“I did not give my daughter the president’s phone number,” Cruz clarified.

Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]
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