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Federalist Radio: Ted Cruz And Michael Knowles On Censorship, TikTok, And The Chinese Communist Party

Sen. Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles joined Emily Jashinsky to discuss everything from the senator being sanctioned by China to the adorable Baby Yoda.



On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and host of the The Daily Wire’s podcast “The Michael Knowles Show” Michael Knowles joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss everything from censorship by big tech to TikTok and the Chinese Communist Party. Sen. Cruz and Knowles co-host the political podcast “Verdict With Ted Cruz” in which Cruz gives his take on the most important national news. You can watch the trailer in the tweet below.

The senator argued that although media bias has been around forever, it’s immensely dangerous that a handful of monopolies now control every means of discourse. Similarly to China, the left, who controls all the major institutions in America, doesn’t want people to thoughtfully communicate their ideas because they don’t work. They must suppress free speech and silence the truth, Sen. Cruz said, because truth prevails if the discourse allows for it.

“I think the threat of of big tech censorship is the single greatest threat that democracy faces, that political discourses faces, that free speech faces. We’ve got a handful of giant monopolies with massive power, and their arrogance is growing exponentially. And they have demonstrated a repeated willingness to silence, to stifle, to muzzle speech they disagree with,” he said.

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