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State Troopers Demand Exit From New York City: We ‘Now Cannot Safely Arrest A Violent Person’

The sttate police association’s president stated that officers were being put in danger by the city’s new laws, which criminalized common methods of restraining suspects.


The president of the State Police association is demanding troopers be removed from New York City after the passage of policing restrictions this Wednesday. The request, which was filed to the New York State Police superintendent, stated the city’s new regulations would harm officers’ ability to perform their duties, and place them in legal jeopardy.

“This poorly conceived bill, which will be signed into law by Mayor de Blasio today, puts an undue burden upon our Troopers,” Association President Thomas Mungeer wrote. “It will prevent Troopers from safely and effectively arresting resistant subjects.”

The proposed exit comes in the midst of a historic crime surge in the city. Shootings have nearly doubled this year, with 53 new victims from this past weekend alone. Yet this hasn’t stopped the city from slashing police budgets and pushing through a wish-list of laws restraining officers.

In a statement to The Federalist Thursday night, Mungeer argued these laws would place law enforcement officers in harm’s way: “This legislation is certainly placing my Troopers in danger as they now cannot safely arrest a violent person without being placed in jeopardy of being arrested themselves,”

Most controversial of the pack of regulations has been the so-called “diaphragm bill.” The legislation outlaws not only the use of chokeholds, but applying most forms of pressure to the back or chest while arresting violent criminals. This new law was critical to the association’s decision to exit.

“These techniques are commonly used by many law enforcement agencies statewide and nationwide when officers are faced with violently combative subjects.” Mungeer wrote regarding the diaphragm bill. “I find it extremely troubling that these acts are now defined as criminal in nature, even if they were unintentional and no injury was sustained by the subject.”

In order for the officers to be removed, the association will require the approval of the State Police superintendent, Keith Corlett. As of press time, he has yet to issue an official reponse, but President Mungeer is optimistic. “Supt. Corlett has a good working relationship with the NYSTPBA, so I anticipate a thoughtful conversation soon,” he stated to The Federalist.

State Troopers have been assisting the NYPD for five years now, according to the association. Adding State Troopers for support has been longtime priority of Gov.Andrew Cuomo, a move that has been criticized for leaving rural areas understaffed in favor of New York City.

De Blasio has yet to make a statement about the request. He has however, applauded the new police restrictions: “This is a powerful day. Powerful day for so many reasons. And it’s a moment when you can feel change coming.”