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Identity Politics Hires Show The Washington Post Has Abandoned Journalism To Shill For The Left


The Washington Post is on a hiring spree, and the titles for their new positions are such an outrageous embodiment of far-left identity politics, they read like parody.

“This is a historic moment in American history and in race relations. It requires us to re-examine our coverage and concentrate resources on the issues of race, ethnicity and identity that clearly deserve heightened attention,” announced Marty Baron, executive editor of the Post. “With this expansion, we will be more inclusive in our journalism, providing broader and deeper reporting that today’s social reckoning demands.”

After the Post’s embarrassing and disastrous coverage of the Russia collusion hoax, you’d think they might be focused on re-examining their grasp of the basics. Guess not.

New Openings a Study In Political Correctness

Here are descriptions of a few positions.

“A senior leadership position who will act as a convener of regular coverage discussions that will bring together an expanded group of editors, reporters and visual journalists focused on race and identity. This managing editor will participate in story meetings, review coverage involving sensitive issues of race.”

“America Desk Editor: This person will help direct and edit expanded coverage of race and identity. This team will be enhanced by the addition of the following three reporters and diversity.”

“Race in America writer: A reporter who can write with immediacy, sweep and authority on race and identity in America.”

“Writer on America and multiculturalism: A reporter who will focus on this country’s emergence as a predominately multicultural society – a momentous demographic shift that requires sustained attention and enterprising reporting.”

They’re also hiring a National Security Writer who will focus on “far-right groups” and “sources of financial support for white nationalism.” They’re also looking for style, climate and environment, and health and science writers who will focus on those areas through the lens of racism and “communities of color.”

What relief that WaPo, the most unreliable newspaper in America, has decided to hire more than 12 people to cover only race. Just imagine the narratives that will be formed under the auspices of journalism. We hardly have to, as the paper’s coverage of late has become increasingly racially divisive.

But seriously, the descriptions are as telling as the job titles. They are mini-manifestos of Marxist ideology, salaried vendettas against America’s foundational, core values—all in the name of political correctness, and all from a newspaper that still claims to deliver straight news.

While Journalism Dies, WaPo Pursues Extreme Politics 

It’s possible the only newspaper in America that isn’t struggling financially is the Washington Post because it’s backed by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, but I doubt it. Everybody seems to be struggling, and with so many incredible journalists losing their gigs—including local journalist Joe Sonka, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize the same week he was furloughed—it’s hard to see why high priority should be given to a bunch of positions that promote ideology over reporting the news as it happens.

The Washington Post doesn’t claim to be merely an opinion journal. The paper claims to be a trusted source of news protecting America’s very “democracy,” shining the light of truth into the republic so she may live and prosper.

That’s a heck of a claim, and I can’t think of anything more contradictory from a publication ostensibly committed to straightforward journalism than to commit more than one dozen salaries solely to identity politics.

Focus on Getting the News Right in the First Place

For more than four years, the Post’s coverage has been irresponsible, even egregious, particularly on President Trump and Russian “interference,” “collusion,” and “meddling.” Here at The Federalist, Sean Davis, Mollie Hemingway, and Margot Cleveland have demonstrated how the theories of Russian collusion are provably false, while the Post and other publications drove the propaganda machine that generated them.

Thus the Post lost its credibility as a serious news publication. As Hemingway wrote in 2019, The Washington Post is singularly and relentlessly devoted to taking down the Republican president… some reporters are willing to express false statements in service to one political party and in opposition to another. This is not journalism, but propaganda.”

In light of such awful coverage of such an important time in our nation’s history, it’s absurd for the Post to prioritize virtue signaling by creating new positions instead of trying to correct why it couldn’t even get the facts straight about “Russian collusion.” It’d be one thing if they just admitted they’d like to continue perpetuating a new narrative about race in America. WaPo will still call it news, but we’ll still call it what it is—propaganda.