Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
After working in Republican politics in Minnesota, Nicole Russell moved near Washington, DC and began her journalism career. Her work has appeared in the The Atlantic, The New York Times, National Review, Politico, The Washington Times, The American Spectator, and Parents Magazine. She was the 2010 recipient of the American Spectator's Young Journalist Award and she resides in northern Virginia with her four kids. Follow her on Twitter @russell_nm.
What The First Nonbinary American Wants The Supreme Court To Know About Transgenderism

‘After a good-faith period of participation in the grand gender experiment, I came to believe the whole thing was smoke and mirrors, complete quackery,’ says Jamie Shupe.

5 Reasons To Watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’ On Amazon Prime

‘You’ve Got Mail’ wasn’t quite a blockbuster when released, but it’s stood the test of time for those of us hopeless romantics, book lovers, and fans of New York, dogs, and coffee.

Here’s What People Who Used To Be Transgender Are Telling The Supreme Court

In an unusual amicus brief, a group of people who used to be transgender say that not only should gender identity not be a protected class, but that it’s an imaginary construct of traumatized minds.

Jury Awards Planned Parenthood Whistleblower $3 Million After She Disclosed Nasty Conditions At Facilities

The largest abortion provider in the United States demonstrated once again its utter disregard for women’s health and safety, and Mayra Rodriguez did something about it.

Victoria’s Secret Executive Departs After Company Hires Trans Model

The famous lingerie brand should not have given in to the woke mob following criticism that they didn’t have enough men on their catwalks.

Florida Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of A 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

Last week, a Florida appeals court reversed a ruling that declared a 24-hour waiting period for abortion unconstitutional. Will Florida be the 35th state to require a 24-hour waiting period?

Why Democrats Have Only Themselves To Blame For Trump’s Temporary Asylum Limits

Congress could fix the border crisis and the asylum fraud fueling it, but Democrats have repeatedly refused in order to exploit a crisis they manufactured.

After Andy Ngo Beating, It’s Time For Portland To Shut Antifa Down

At a protest Saturday, members of Antifa specifically targeted a gay, independent journalist. After the incident, liberals accused him of provoking the attack, as if that justifies it.

Due To Sickening But Ignored Health Violations, Missouri’s Last Planned Parenthood Is Operating Without A License

Democrats focus on women’s ‘rights’ in their messaging, but this Planned Parenthood’s health code violations show they don’t truly care about women.

Psychologists Can’t Figure Out Why Hardly Anyone Wants To Date A Trans Person

A study recently found that most people are not interested in dating transgender people. But why would this be a problem?

5 Things Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike Gets Wrong About Sex And Abortion

The star falsely equivocated Georgia’s six-week abortion ban with the complete loss of reproductive rights, whatever that euphemistic term means.

Lawsuit: Planned Parenthood Cowrote California Regs Forcing Religious Groups To Pay For Abortions

Contrary to mainstream thought, Planned Parenthood’s lobbying arms do actually petition the government to force private companies to sponsor abortions.

Hollywood Actors Try To Blackmail Georgia Over Measure To Protect Life In The Womb

Hollywood elites are threatening the state of Georgia with a boycott if the state protects unborn lives once their heartbeat is detectable. Georgians don’t need Hollywood’s consent to affirm humans’ personhood.

Can ‘Unplanned’ Actually Convince Pro-Choicers Abortion Is Wrong?

This isn’t your typical cheesy Christian film but, given the message, it’s likely to attract a niche audience that already knows the truth about abortion.

Federal Court Reverses Ruling That Stripped Tax Exemption From Ministers

In a victory for religious liberty, the Seventh Circuit rules religious ministers can continue to benefit from a tax provision that’s been present for decades.

4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Spring Break With Your Kids

From the beach to the ski slopes, day trips and road trips, the options are endless. Here are a few ideas to help you start planning.

Spiteful Attacks On Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Only Hurt Needy Children

Tagged as ‘it’ in the culture wars, the HHS has stepped in to act as interference between states and faith-based adoption agencies. Will that be enough? 

Based On ‘Discrimination’ Law, Iowa Jury Awards Trans Woman $120,000, Access To Male Prison Facilities

A jury in Iowa has concluded that the state discriminated against a prison nurse in not letting her use the bathrooms with male employees or paying for a double mastectomy.

Even If You Aren’t Jeff Bezos, Don’t Give In To Blackmail

Revenge porn is devastating, but that doesn’t mean you have to capitulate. Make your extortionist pay the price for his evil deeds, just like Jeff Bezos did.

Federal Court: University Of Iowa Illegally Discriminated Against Christian Student Groups

Court documents revealed the public university kept a ‘watch list’ of student groups on probation. All of the groups on the list were religious.