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Ted Cruz Calls On Leaders To ‘Stand Up And Defend America’

Ted Cruz called on leaders to defend America as the greatest nation in the history of the world, dedicated to equal justice.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling for leaders around the United States to “grow a spine” and “defend America.” In recent interviews with Sean Hannity of Fox News and Joe Pagliarulo on “Joe Pags Show,” Cruz shares his disgust with the mob mentality perpetuated by the left.

“What the far left is doing, they hate America. This is not about social justice. This is not about equality. Every one of us agrees that everyone’s rights should be protected, regardless of race,” he told Hannity. 

That’s what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights do. But you look at these vandals that are tearing monuments down. They’re trying to tear down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That ain’t about the Confederacy. Last I checked, George Washington wasn’t part of the Civil War. They hate America. And we need leaders, Sean, to stand up and defend America. Unapologetically, as the greatest nation in the history of the world, dedicated to equal justice.

Cruz continued by condemning the violent riots and looting, expressing his disappointment in the lack of response by some local communities.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats have released the crazies in their party and they are going nuts,” Cruz said. “The violence we’re seeing, the rioting we’re seeing. […] We are seeing violent rioters. Antifa is behind much of it, and they are domestic terrorists. We need law enforcement to stand together, to stop this terrorism, to enforce the rule of law, and to protect American citizens.” 

In an interview with Pagliarulo, Cruz made it clear that violence should not be tolerated.

“The First Amendment does not protect violence. […]What you don’t have a right to do is get out there with a rope and just commit acts of vandalism, tearing down whatever it is you disagree with. That is criminal conduct,” Cruz said.

Cruz also confirmed his support of the police, expressing his concerns about the “Defund The Police” movement. 

I believe it is a violation of existing federal civil rights laws for a politician to deliberately pull back police protection in a way that is politically biased and politically motivated…

I can tell you right now I’m working on legislation to make that very explicit and to give people the right to sue any municipality that pulls back police protection. That it is the fundamental responsibility of government to keep us safe, and if you have a politician who’s so busy virtue signaling to the mob that they’re not willing to protect the citizens. […] I think we need leadership to call it out.

Cruz is one of few politicians to openly call for leadership to step up and call the mob what it is.

Earlier on Wednesday, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas showed his support for American history by visiting Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

This #IndependenceDay, let’s #StandUpForAmerica,” he tweeted. 

On Thursday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced a non-binding resolution condemning violence and the desecration of monuments across the country, but it was blocked by Senate Democrats.