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Joe Biden Owns The Democratic Party’s Insanity

Joe Biden

The Democratic Party has gone off the deep end and taken Joe Biden with it.


In New York City, shootings have skyrocketed over the past few weeks to levels not seen since what we refer to as “the bad old days.” Teenagers are being senselessly killed in our streets. What is the Democratic Party’s answer to this? They are stripping a billion dollars from the $6 billion budget of the New York Police Department in a display of virtue signaling that will lead to bullet holes in black and brown bodies.

As Democrats across the country plot to defund the police and tear down statues of great Americans, as they cower to mobs that set up “autonomous zones” where people are raped and murdered, Joe Biden is hiding behind his mask. Every single time a racist or bigot says they support Donald Trump, the media demands the president denounce them. Why isn’t that same media demanding Biden denounce the Jacobin mobs destroying our cities?

Biden would have you believe he is the leader of the Democratic Party. He is no more the leader of the Democratic Party than Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson. He is a bobble-head version of a moderate Democratic Party that has long since shuffled off this mortal coil. Where once Blue Dog Democrats patrolled their party to protect police and law and order, now a progressive clown car runs roughshod over America’s cities.

Everyone must understand that if they vote for Biden, they are voting for the Democratic Party. That is a party that by and large on the state and local level has given over to Marxist ideologies that keep our streets unsafe, poorly educate our children, destroy jobs — like Biden’s pal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did in killing the Amazon headquarters in Queens — and heap disdain upon heroic figures such as Teddy Roosevelt.

Biden isn’t going to change any of that. Uncle Joe from Scranton might love America, but his party demonstrably does not. Its official Twitter account alleges that Mount Rushmore is a tribute to white supremacy. In election after election, its stable elected officials, such as Joe Crowley and Eliot Engel, lose primaries to literal socialists. That’s what you pull the lever for if you pull the lever for Biden.

Democrats want us to believe that Biden will restore normalcy. What normalcy? The normalcy where nobody can go to a baseball game or a Broadway show? The normalcy where we wear masks for the rest of out lives because Dr. Anthony Fauci says so? The normalcy where small businesses are destroyed and everyone works for giant corporations as faceless as our masked citizenry? No, thanks.

We get it, Trump is uncouth. He says stupid stuff he shouldn’t say. He’s not careful. Fine. But he is not the candidate of a party hell bent on destroying American history and institutions, Biden is. The Democratic Party as currently assembled is a radical leftist organization and must be treated as such. It dons Kente cloths in performative woke displays of racial guilt. It points to foreign nations with never so much freedom as ours and ponders why can’t we be more like them?

Biden can’t hide forever. Even if he wins his campaign in absentia and becomes president, the moment will come when the socialists in his party will put bill after bill on his desk — defunding police, tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln, letting men compete in women’s sports, punishing Americans for expressing their religious views — and he will sign each and every one with his million-dollar smile, a mere rubber stamp for the cackling mobs.

Biden is not the leader of the snowball of insanity hurdling down the mountain that is the Democratic Party. He is an empty facade, a final facile gesture to pride in America before his party tears it down, and maybe even him with it. Joe Biden owns this. He owns all of it. He is his party, and he is just as dangerous as they are.