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Biden: I Am ‘Constantly Tested’ For Cognitive Decline

Joe Biden

At his first press conference in nearly three months, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he is ‘constantly tested’ for mental decline.


At his first press conference in nearly three months, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he is “constantly tested” for mental decline. The answer came in response to a question from one of the few reporters allowed into the conference.

“Some have speculated that you are subject to some degree of cognitive decline,” the Fox reporter said. “I’m 65. I don’t have the word recollection that I used to have, I forget my train of thought from time to time. You got 12 years on me, sir. Have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?”

Biden first tried to interrupt the reporter, and began calling him “a lying dog-faced—” before chuckling and letting him finish the question. He then answered, “I’ve been tested, and I’m constantly tested.”

Who has been responsible for constantly testing Biden, as well as the test results, have not been revealed. The campaign has not yet responded to The Federalist’s request for comment about whether these tests and their results will be released now that that the former vice president is on the record saying they happened.

After confirming his own testing, the presumptive Democratic nominee went on to challenge Trump to some measure of IQ test. “All you gotta do is watch me, and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

The comments seemed to echo Trump’s previous challenge to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for an IQ test, which the mainstream media readily condemned. No mainstream media outlet besides Fox covered Biden’s remarks.

In addition to talk of mental fitness, the two men fighting for leadership of the country have each said they would have beaten the other up in high school.