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After Elites’ COVID And Protest Hypocrisy, Nobody Trusts Them — Nor Should We

elites Gretchen Whitmer

If one consistent storyline has emerged this century, it is that our elites have continuously revealed themselves to be incompetent and depraved.

Our elites failed to stop 19 reprobates from slaughtering 2,977 of our countrymen and toppling two international landmarks. Approximately a year after that, those very elites took us to war in Iraq on the basis that there were weapons of mass destruction being prepared for our annihilation.

There were none. Instead, we plunged the Middle East into irreparable chaos, empowering Iran and Syria’s bloodthirsty regimes, and opening the door to ISIS — which, by the way, has not disappeared, but is again attacking the people of Iraq and taking advantage of the chaos the Wuhan coronavirus has wrought. Furthermore, our elites ran our housing market into the ditch, then bailed out the institutions that gave mortgages to people who could not afford them.

Our elites have not just been bad managers of our economy, government, and security. They have shown hearts of darkness. In 2008, as our housing market crashed, we learned that one of Wall Street’s titans was a fraud his whole career, running what is, by all measures, history’s biggest Ponzi scheme.

That depravity has not just manifested itself in the financial world. We have learned that many of the people who run the levers of power in news, sports, politics, religion, and entertainment are depraved too. We learned that many of those people used their power to sexually harass and assault men, women, and children, some of them brazen enough to put their depravity on camera.

We also learned their fellow elites covered up much of their perversion. Upon the disclosure of one such coverup, those elites teamed up to destroy the career of a young television news producer, only for us to learn she was not behind the revelation.

Our elites have demonstrated willingness to slander people as diverse as a neighborhood watchman, a pro-life Catholic high school student, a Supreme Court nominee, a presidential campaign aide, and a three-star lieutenant general. All of this happened before 2020.

This is the year incompetence and depravity have been most devastating. The strongest economy in five decades was suddenly and deliberately silenced to stop a plague foisted upon this world by the reprobates in Beijing. Our elites told us to “stay home, stop the spread, and save lives,” only for those elites to break their own shutdown orders.

Our elites took to the airwaves to scold those not wearing masks, only to take off their masks when they thought the cameras were off. We later learned our elites were not only hypocritical, but may have contributed to the coronavirus’s death toll.

There was more. Two California doctors who used evidence to refute the idea that lockdowns would stop the coronavirus learned that the elites deemed their views unlawful and worthy of deletion from YouTube.

Those who protested social distancing measures were attacked by our elites, with one going so far as to say the protesters had left her no option but to extend her shutdown. Twenty-two days later, that same elite was seen violating her command to social distance, but that violation of her own order was deemed acceptable.

The elites who spent three months predicting the apocalypse if we ended the shutdowns too soon now say racism makes the coronavirus irrelevant. Furthermore, they say that people who have used this time of protest to destroy businesses, attack civilians, and kill police officers are not the violent ones. Rather, it is the cops who seek to stop them. If you condemn the mob, the elites will deem your opinion dangerous.

We are days from facing a Kobayashi Maru. If there is a lack of an uptick in coronavirus cases and deaths, history will say the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression was deliberately started, and over nothing. If an uptick does occur, new shutdowns will likely be ordered, assuredly annihilating what remains of our economy.

There is a third scenario, undoubtedly the most frightening: A second outbreak could occur this winter, and a nation of people who rightly feel gaslit by our incompetent and depraved elites will ignore the new shutdown orders. This may exacerbate what one expert called “the darkest winter in modern history.”

One thing is certain: Under no circumstances will the credibility of our elites recover. One more thing is certain. There will be no repentance, for our elites believe they are right and you are a deplorable.