Jason Riley On Black Lives Matter And Defund The Police

Jason Riley On Black Lives Matter And Defund The Police


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Jason Riley joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the recent changes in the Black Lives Matter movement and the rise in calls to demand to defund the police. Riley, a columnist at the Wall Street Journal, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and a contributor at Fox News, delves into how the media has influenced such ideas.

Riley argued the recent protests, as well as prior events, were in part caused by the media for failing to provide realistic data on the use of police force, particularly regarding race. The media, he said, has scared people into believing a false narrative about police brutality by giving special attention to isolated incidents.

“The media has presented these events as regular, everyday occurrences, typical experiences of black Americans. And I think it is that narrative that has gotten people so riled up to the point where we have these protests,” he said. “And I wish the media would put things into perspective.”

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