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Amazon Blocked Coronavirus Skeptic’s Book But Still Sells Books By Hitler, The Unabomber


Amazon is refusing to publish a book skeptical of the narrative on the novel coronavirus while continuing to promote works by anarchists and Adolf Hitler.


Amazon first refused to publish a book skeptical of the mainstream narrative on the novel Wuhan coronavirus while still continuing to promote works by anarchists and Adolf Hitler.

Alex Berenson, a former reporter at the New York Times who has written extensively debunking fearmongering claims related to the lockdowns wrote on Twitter Thursday that the tech giant to benefit the most from pandemic stay-home orders is refused to sell his latest book.

“Today Amazon refused to publish my booklet about the coronavirus because it “did not comply” with their (undisclosed) guidelines,” Berenson wrote. “This is outrageous censorship from a company that has gained hugely from lockdowns – and dominates the US book market, especially with stores closed!”

Meanwhile, Amazon is still selling books by Adolf Hitler and the Unabomber.

Amazon’s censorship comes at no small cost as the world’s largest online retailer yields considerable power of the U.S. book market, particularly as book stores remain closed from state and local lockdowns.

The decision to keep Berenson’s title from being published even prompted scrutiny from SpaceX/Tesla Founder Elon Musk calling for the breakup of Amazon.

“Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Following Musk’s post in support, Berenson announced that Amazon backed off its censorship.