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Michael Tracey On The Bernie Sanders Campaign And His Impact On The Future Of The Left

Journalist Michael Tracey joins Ben Domenech on another edition of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the demise of the Bernie Sanders campaign.



Journalist Michael Tracey is the co-author of a new article from American Affairs titled, “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce: The Collapse of the Sanders Campaign and the ‘Fusionist’ Left.” Tracey joins Ben Domenech on this edition of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss Sanders’ 2020 presidential run and the future of the Democratic Party.

Tracey claims the American Left commonly says, offered mostly in hindsight, that capitalism will never allow a candidate such as Sanders to succeed.

“Such post hoc rationalizations, however, elide the extreme advan­tages that Sanders commanded upon entering the 2020 race: universal name recognition, a nationwide organizing network, nearly unlimited sums of money, four years to plan, and even a grudging recognition from the national media that he’d established himself as a formidable political force,” Tracey wrote.

Tracey and his co-author Angela Nagle unpack how Sanders lost the 2020 Democratic presidential bid and his campaign’s long term effects on the Democratic Party and the Left.

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