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Joe Biden Tweets As Motivational Posters


What’s most amusing about Joe Biden’s staff-crafted Twitter persona is Online Joe’s fondness for posting vapid platitudes. There is a Grand Canyon-sized gap between Biden’s freewheeling conversational style and the polished persona his communication aides project on social media.

I would love to see Biden, the self-described “gaffe machine” who once referred to a url as a “website number,” actually punch out a tweet on his own. My guess is it would look something like this:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

On second thought, it’s possible he would just plagiarize.

Anyway, Biden’s staff likes to tweet vaguely inspirational quotes on their boss’s behalf, so here’s a few of them reimagined as the kind of motivational poster you might find in your kid’s fourth-grade classroom. (H/t to this tweet.)

In the words of Biden’s opponent, a man who likes Twitter a little too much, “Enjoy!”