Stream During Quarantine: ‘Ronin’

Stream During Quarantine: ‘Ronin’


David Bufkin, co-founder of ClearWord Communications and movie buff, joins Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the 1998 action thriller “Ronin” in another “Stream During Quarantine” Federalist Radio Hour special.

The movie is directed by John Frankenheimer and stars Robert De Niro.

Bufkin explains the three reasons he finds this movie so fascinating.

“It’s a wonderful movie… One, it has been named on more than one list as the ‘best action movie you never saw.’ Two, it is such a delicious treatment of the macguffin. And we’ll talk more later, hopefully, about macguffins and why this movie is just such a jewel in the macguffin territory,” Bufkin said. “Finally, it’s just such an interesting period piece. Being filmed in that twilight time between the fall of the Berlin and the collapse of the Soviet Union and of course 9/11 and the onset of Middle-eastern based war on terror.”

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