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No, Living Under An Islamic Caliphate Wouldn’t Be Better Than Keeping Camgirls Legal


A recent article in a popular conservative publication opens with: “Every now and then, the modern world produces a trend so ghastly you can’t help but sit back and think, would a global Islamic Caliphate really be that bad?”

What is this horror that would lead a conservative to ponder the benefits of a global Islamic caliphate? A world of torture, murder, perpetual fear, mass rape, and forced religion? No: the subscription pornography and camgirl site OnlyFans.

In contrast to the absurd idea that living under the draconian restrictions of sharia law would be better than the freedom for people to do things you think are wrong, let’s look at how adult entertainment is not only legally protected but also providing relief during the current pandemic.

Adult Entertainment Is Protected Free Speech

How does someone call himself a conservative and then dismiss the First Amendment? Regardless of how people feel about adult entertainment, it is clear from U.S. Supreme Court decisions that the modern court believes the Constitution protects expressive conduct, and does not equate nudity and or consensual sex with obscenity.

The First Amendment protects more than political speech. In a powerful 1948 passage supporting freedom of speech, the court wrote in Winters v. New York that it did not accept the argument that “the constitutional protection for a free press applies only to the exposition of ideas.”

In an oft-cited passage, the majority declared: “The line between the informing and the entertaining is too elusive for the protection of that basic right. Everyone is familiar with instances of propaganda through fiction. What is one man’s amusement, teaches another’s doctrine. Though we can see nothing of any possible value to society in these magazines, they are as much entitled to the protection of free speech as the best of literature.”

The First Amendment protects speech on a wide variety of nonpolitical topics. These include but are not limited to the arts, entertainment, and movies (see Burstyn, Inc. v. Wilson, 1952). The First Amendment serves as the blueprint for personal liberty. To restrict freedom of speech only to political matters would severely narrow our freedoms.

The First Amendment Protects Things That Offend

Anyone who has seen the movie “The People vs Larry Flynt” or read about the case understands where the Supreme Court stands on this issue. The First Amendment, as part of the Bill of Rights, protects the viewpoints of those in the minority from being oppressed by what Alexis de Tocqueville termed the “tyranny of the majority.”

The First Amendment particularly safeguards expressions that challenge the existing state of affairs. Although obscenity and child pornography receive no First Amendment protection, modern courts have decided that the First Amendment generally protects pornography that does not fall into these categories.

Meet the Sex, Drink, and Rock ‘n Roll Conservatives

I am both a conservative and a Christian. I am not, however, a zealot. I have travelled all over the United States meeting fans for more than 15 years. There are millions. My fan base is now, and has always been, what I like to refer to as Sex, Drink, and Rock ‘n Roll conservatives.

My members are a direct reflection of me: Constitutional, red state, Second Amendment-supporting pro-lifers who support our troops and our rights to free speech. We love God and our flag but generally dislike organized religion. We like to hang out on the deck drinking a beer, talking sports, listening to country, rock, and rap while using colorful words to describe Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Anthony Fauci.

So when a conservative publication runs an article wishing for an Islamic caliphate because of OnlyFans and its people, it’s a slap in the face to this significant segment of population that votes Republican. It pushes us further away from Christian political conservatism. It backfires, just as it does every time the left tries to manipulate the facts to sack President Trump.

Financial and Sexual Relief During the Shutdown

Rather than a plague on humanity and a reason to welcome a global Islamic Caliphate, OnlyFans has been a financial and emotional oasis during a shutdown that’s gone on far too long.

For me, OnlyFans has been an answered prayer. At a time our real estate business has been decimated due to the shutdown, we will likely survive the losses because of OnlyFans. We won’t make profits this year, but we will not be forced into foreclosure.

We are still working six days a week, 10-14 hours a day because of OnlyFans. But maybe The American Conservative article was right—we’d be better off with a global Islamic caliphate?

Although frustrated with the shutdown, my husband and I have had the time of our lives together over these six weeks. Although OnlyFans has kept us busy, we have also had the opportunity to share and film creative ideas. We sit and sip coffee in the mornings together and wine at night while just talking and laughing.  And yes, we have had more and better sex than we’ve had in the past five to seven years!

Life got simple. Because this simplicity is coupled with an ability to earn from home, we are able to enjoy this time together free from the crushing stress of collapsing finances. But maybe The American Conservative article was right—we’d be better off with a global Islamic caliphate?

OnlyFans Is an Emotional Oasis

The American Conservative article author Charlie Peters clearly has zero idea what my fan base and I discuss. He might be shocked—not because of the vulgarity, but because of its vanilla nature.

I chat with my fan base all day long. Eighty percent of the discussions are about their fears, this shutdown, the politics of it all. We discuss recipes and how to preserve food, where to buy bulk toilet paper and soap. We talk about how my husband and I have maintained a happy, joyful marriage throughout 25 years, especially given our chosen profession.

More often than not, it’s not about sex. It’s about life. People want people they can talk to, especially in times like these.

When the talk is about sex, it’s often about their kinks and how they feel judged or nervous to discuss them with those they love. OnlyFans gives them an outlet. It’s a place they can come and discuss and live out their sexual interests without fear.

OnlyFans is a small sample of a world, where the beautiful, natural impulses of affection and a need to connect can continue when physical intimacy isn’t possible. When this shutdown ends, I will return to meeting my fans in person. I will be shaking hands and giving hugs. And for those people and times when physical meetings are impossible, I’m thankful there will always be OnlyFans.