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How Local Officials Are Navigating The Coronavirus Pandemic

How are local officals across the country addressing issues surrounding the coronavirus? Ben Domenech interviews a Wyoming mayor and Indiana councilman.



Marian Orr, mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Jason Arp, a city councilman in Fort Wayne, Indiana join Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how they are navigating the coronavirus pandemic at the local level in middle America.

Orr said she is engaging with other mayors across the country about common issues they are all facing.

“What I’ve made sure I continue to do is really engage with other mayors around the country and try to problem solve how we communicate through this crisis,” Orr said.

Arp described how the pandemic would have a large impact on local government’s ability to perform their most basic duties, such as providing quality infrastructure.

“From the cities standpoint, [the pandemic] is going to have a big impact on our budget,” Arp said. “One of the actions that the [Indiana] governor took was to say that there would be a moratorium on evictions. So, tenants could forgo paying rent for a few months and not be evicted. Well, you’re going to see a lot of landlords unable to pay their taxes. That’s going to trickle down to the city not being able to pave roads.”

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