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Owner Of World Famous Whiskey Bar On How Lockdown Is Devastating Restaurants

On the Federalist Radio Hour, two restaurant owners explain how a prolonged lockdown could decimate the restaurant industry and how consumers can save them.



Bill Thomas and Jared Hyman were business partners and two successful restaurant owners in Washington D.C., but like other restaurateurs across the country, the coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on the future of their businesses. Thomas owns Jack Rose, the famous whiskey bar that previously held a collection of over 2,000 types of whiskey.

Thomas and Hyman join Senior Editor Christopher Bedford on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to explain how a prolonged lockdown could devestate the restaurant industry and what consumers can do to help.

Hyman explained how his business was shut down within the first 90 days of opening.

“You have a dream of opening a restaurant or a business the majority of your adult life, and for some folks their whole lives, and here I am. I got it open, I had 90 days of being open,” Hyman said. “We did our best to try and stay open longer with the social distancing guidelines in place… but you know, it’s heartbreaking.”

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