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Communist Chinese Propagandists Now Claim U.S. Military Made Wuhan Virus


No country can afford to rely on its greatest adversaries for survival.

In case Americans were not already convinced Communist China constituted such a foe, since the Chinese coronavirus spread across the globe, the country threatened by way of its leading propaganda publication to impose pharmaceutical export controls that “plunge[] [America] into the mighty sea of coronavirus,” and now its senior propagandists are pinning the pandemic on the U.S. military.

Friendly nations do not falsely accuse their friends of spreading pandemics that originated on their own shores; nor do they steal hundreds of billions of dollars per year in intellectual property; nor do they demand that those who transact with them fastidiously toe their government line; nor do they engage in rampant national security-imperiling espionage efforts.

Therefore, when the fog of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coronavirus chaos clears, the most important geopolitical takeaway for America ought to be the imperative to decouple from China in every strategically significant area, from medicine to military hardware.

This will not be possible if our media, political class, and business community prioritize political correctness and partisanship—not to mention profit—over the well-being of our country. Certainly not if they continue actively contributing to CCP information operations, like the one currently underway.

Those skeptical of the debunked claims of Trump-Russia collusion, and who continue pursuing the Spygate story, have long been attacked as Vladimir Putin puppets if not traitors for daring to challenge the view of their betters in the Deep State and political establishment. Well, what are we to say of those currently parroting the CCP line that calling the coronavirus by its proper name—whether “Chinese coronavirus,” “Wuhan virus,” or perhaps the most apt “Chinese Communist Party coronavirus”—including its place of origin, is racist? Would it be too gentle to say these individuals are acting like unregistered foreign agents for Beijing?

This is not hyperbole because Chinese propaganda has simultaneously aimed not only to delink the coronavirus from China by calling those raising the basic fact racist, but to deflect and even shift the blame to America as part of some kind of absurd conspiracy. No American should give the CCP the satisfaction of spinning blatant propaganda when the CCP is responsible for wreaking this havoc on the world.

When soft-on-China Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden says we must not “fall back on xenophobia. Labeling COVID-19 a ‘foreign virus’ does not display accountability for the misjudgments that have taken thus far by the Trump administration,” he should be ashamed—not that the man who led the high-tech lynching of Clarence Thomas and never apologized for it appears to have any.

The response to the former vice president should be that we must not fall back on politically correct pablum that benefits the CCP when it is responsible for unleashing a global pandemic—and worse, is now blaming us for it.

The same should go for Sen. Dianne Feinstein—yes, the senator who has made a career of aiding, abetting, and enabling the CCP’s rise while having a Chinese spy in her employ for two decades—who has cried about purported American racism against the non-race of Chinese.

The shameful reality is this: Far too many American entities have a vested interest in maintaining the China status quo. They believe it a necessity to maintain access to China’s market, fear scuttling any such business by crossing the CCP, or more narrowly share the CCP’s desire to remove the biggest current stumbling block to restoring the order of its march to dominance in the Trump administration.

Americans have seen the CCP in all of its ignominy over the last year, from Uighur gulags, to the assaults on everyone from Hong Kongers to National Basketball Association executives, and the present pandemic. The ghastly nature of the CCP’s “One Child Policy” alone should tell us everything we need to know about the nature of this regime.

Were it to become the dominant world power under Communist leadership, China would pose a mortal threat to Americans. The CCP coronavirus illustrates that such an end should be unacceptable to the American people. No American should be complicit in this effort, whether on political or pecuniary grounds.