CNN: It’s Racist To Say The Wuhan Virus Started In China

CNN: It’s Racist To Say The Wuhan Virus Started In China

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta joined the woke crowd accusing the president and anybody else who accurately points out that coronavirus Covid-19 originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, earning it the name “Wuhan virus.”

“The president referred to the coronavirus as a ‘foreign virus,'” Acosta explained at the White House following President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address to the nation Wednesday night. “It’s going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia to use that kind of term in this speech.”

Acosta joins Democratic lawmakers and activists in condemning anyone who points out the virus’ origin in the east Asian nation that tried desperately to cover it up.

Rep. Ted Lieu of California blasted his peer from Arizona, Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, who self-quarantined out of concerns of possible infection, for referring to the virus as the “Wuhan virus.” Lieu chastised his colleague’s accurate description as “an example of the myopia that allowed it to spread in the U.S.”

“The virus is not constrained by country or race,” Lieu said.

A number of major viruses have been named in reference to the site of their first outbreak, such as the West Nile Virus and the St. Louis encephalitis virus. MERS, which saw its first outbreak in 2012, stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and is often referred to as Camel Flu.

The Wuhan virus warrants reminding the public where it came from even more so than others. As Rich Lowry points out in the National Review, China’s “government tried to suppress warnings about the new coronavirus and looked the other way, giving it the room to become a national and then a global crisis.” China therefore, “deserves to be connected to the virus it did more than its share to loose on the world, no matter what its foreign ministry or the sensitivity police say.”

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